Phoenix Rising

18 January, 2013 (16:26) | Animation, awards, character, motion graphics, other, television, tvc | No comments

This is a first for Sixty40. Phoenix has risen once more, this time taking physical form. Our friends at One Green Bean had the character made and sent over. He will forever live on our awards table, sitting as an honourary statue of awesomeness. If you missed the video, check out Phoenix’s best work here.

Who Could Oppose These Thumbs?

17 January, 2013 (16:48) | other | No comments

Here’s a photo of our Creative Directors Mark and Matt. Thumbs up for enthusiasm. Let it be great.


23 November, 2012 (17:35) | Animation | No comments

  There’s only one thing to do before four days of PauseFest; gather twenty-five upstanding individuals and confine them within the vicinities of a Spanish restaurant. Lather on some wine, freshly made Paella and invite a photographer too. PauseFeast was born. Mark Simpson and Matt Taylor joined the international likes of Jason White from Leviathan, [...]

This is what the internet is for

26 October, 2010 (15:34) | other | No comments

It’s great to see people taking full advantage of the technology at their disposal. Empowering themselves and articulating to a mass audience. Bravo internet.

broken through the pop culture threshold

1 August, 2008 (12:33) | Animation | No comments

woah, dudes. real life teenagers making fan videos of our stuff. good on them. good on everybody. go internet.