Sweet Tweet about Battlstar

27 August, 2009 (08:58) | Animation | No comments

Aug 20th from http://twitter.com/HillsJohnes Just saw the preview for James Cameron’s #Avatar… It looks gnarly, but I’ve seen 2D 3D done better -http://www.sixty40.com/battlestar

New Film Clip : Battlestar for Harmonic 313

13 May, 2009 (14:50) | Animation, film clip, other | No comments

Holy Maceroni. Warp records have released our clip for the artist Harmonic 313 onto their main page to hype up the impending release of the amazing sounding single. The album, from which it comes is reviewed thus:  ” A head splintering masterpiece” – Dazed & Confused  “a brilliant re-wiring of post-rave sonics” - Q 4 ****  “Joins [...]