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2 September, 2011 (08:54) | Animation

How TV will be in the future

[from boingboing]

27 August, 2011 (07:55) | Animation

lars the last viking launch at China Heights

Here’s a great video of Matt’s comic book launch last week at China Heights.

Shot by our friend, Shahriar Shadab, we raise our horn to thee.

24 August, 2011 (15:55) | character, other, viking

live comic reading at Graphic

Matt and longtime Sixty40 partner-in-crime, Scott Collins, took to the stage at the OZ Comics panel and did a riff heavy live performance of Matt’s new book “Lars the Last Viking Goes to the End of the World”. The panel itself was a legion of Australian comic book heavy hitters: Pat Grant (Blue)Mandy Ord (Sensitive Creatures)Leigh Rigozzi (Blood & Thunder)Oslo Davis (Drawn From Life), Matt Taylor and Matt Huynh (Chinatown Comics). Everyone on the panel took it to the next level and Graphic was once again an awesome celebration of everything that rocks about comics and animation.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Boud

23 August, 2011 (14:52) | Animation

More Important work

YouTube Preview Image

The illusion that Cookie Monster is Tom Waits is created by the desire to reduce cognitive dissonance. Thanks Brains.

19 August, 2011 (09:09) | other

lars the last viking launch at china heights gallery

Sixty40 Press is proud to launch Matt’s new comic book Lars the Last Viking at China Heights Gallery on Thursday 18th August. Pat Grant (author of Blue) will be giving an opening speech and Matt will do a live reading of the book. There will also be all the original pages of the book on display, which  are pretty big and awesome in their own way.

Matt’s also on a panel of Australian Comic book authors at Graphic, at the Opera House that weekend. You can still book tickets to that panel here


11 August, 2011 (11:18) | Animation

“Out In The Street” Wins “Best Story” at Robot Film Festival

Out of 55 films accepted into the inaugural ”Robot Film Festival” in New York our clip for Africa Hitech wins this major accolade. They describe the award thus:

Best Story: Here we rewarded films with entertaining and intriguing storylines, particularly those which explored original memes for Robotics. Set in the streets of South Africa, Out in the Street raises questions about identity and rising intelligence as malfunctioning robots begin committing suicide to avoid the depersonalizing process of repair or replacement, achieving rapture. The realism of the shots cut between television news footage, street documentation and the eye-views of the robots themselves.

It’s lovely that they recognise some of the awesome that’s going on in that clip (although it’s not set in South Africa). For us though, what makes it particularly AMAZING is that it’s probably pretty unique for a Music Video to win anything for best narrative.

Here’s a list of the other winners:

Thanks RFF. See you next year.

26 July, 2011 (04:06) | Animation

The mind and magic. How could we use this?

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a lovely insight into how to do magic. There’s definite links here to animation and storytelling generally. Plus the general wonderfulness of seeing something that you’re not quite sure how it was done… which is something we do all the time.

10 July, 2011 (04:24) | Animation

Some great reviews coming in about Out In The Street


And while many critics have argued that they don’t even have a place in the industry anymore, music videos like this one for Africa Hi-Tech’s “Out In The…/video-africa-hi-tech-out-in-the-street…
Impose TV: Africa Hitech, “Out In The Street” | Impose Magazine

The track turns Ini Kamoze into a glitchy broken record, as though Mr. Kamoze is failing miserably. Somehow this repetitious failure triggered director Mark Simpson to invision robots malfunctioning to the beat. Naturally, us humans could give two shits about some emotionless robots and run them over in our SUVs. The future is gonna kick ass…

“That’s right, these aren’t douchebag preach-y robots like Wall-E; with physiques like the I, Robot automatons in football gear, these guys are (self-) killing machines. While they may not have hearts or souls or the capacity to express or experience the overwhelming power of human love and kindness, at least Simpson’s robots have their priorities in order and hate those hippie communist/fascists like any responsible citizen does.”

4 July, 2011 (20:14) | Animation

Out In The Street Released!

Remember the call out for footage for a clip we were making? Well, the film is finished and released by Warp Records. The Clip was featured on Pitchfork just this morning as an exclusive. Next stop.. all other blogs on the planet. Thanks to all who sent in footage, and even those who thought about it but then forgot. We got a good range from Cuba, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dubai and you can see it throughout the clip making appearances in news footage and as backgrounds for a variety of dancing and dying robots. Check out the page here.

30 June, 2011 (19:29) | Animation

2 months to go for proto ninja award

hey aspiring proto ninjas,

well hope you’ve all been cracking away, and if you haven’t there’s still plenty of time if you get started soon. What am I talking about? The Sixty40 Proto Ninja award of course, see this video to get you up to date

This year’s the is… “The Secret”.

We’ve been given some great tracks for you to use as soundtracks from artists such as Harmonic 313, Kyu, Elephant Tracks’ Joelistics and star Nylon producer, John Green. Get all the info and resources here, and like our facebook page for stirring motivational ninja related updates.

Last year’s winner Guy Verge Wallace has been tearing it up, his last film clip for Papa vs Pretty making it onto Bare Bones Vol 3 and getting shown in festivals all over the world. Go Guy!

That could be you…

23 June, 2011 (09:51) | Animation

Calypso Bin Laden RIP

Calypso Bin Laden – Cave of Love

Here’s a piece we did for a series we developed called Ringtone Deathmatch. This performance is now even more haunting. You can also see a rare interview with Calypso here

2 May, 2011 (16:33) | Animation

Craymazing video from The Daniels

But they’ve done heaps of really odd, simple concepts realy nicely executed. I’ll pick one of their videos almost at random:
They did the firemouth clip you might have seen on the internets a while a go
But what i love is that they made this little test, and it’s all the things these things should be: fresh, odd and beautiful.
Here’s an interview in case you want to get even more charmed.
And then you could go to their own internets for more…. here

20 April, 2011 (12:45) | Animation

sixty40 named as hotshop finalist

Well the results are in and Sixty40 came out as a finalist alongside Iloura and Mighty Nice in the Animation Category for Australian Creative’s 2010 Hotshop Awards. Check out the full results in the April issue. XYZ took out top honours for Animation, and we are proud to rank amongst such top competition. Congrats to all the other winners and runners up in all the other categories. Great to see so much good work coming out of Australia.

30 March, 2011 (15:27) | Animation, awards, motion graphics

2011 proto ninja award launch

Launching this year’s Proto Ninja award tonight. The site needs to be updated which will happen asap, but in the meantime we will be having a screening of the latest clip from last year’s winner, The talented Guy Verge Wallace, up at the World Bar. Please stay tuned here for this year’s Proto Ninja Comp details which is shaping up to be a cracker.

BTW this year’s theme is “The Secret”, tell everyone…

22 March, 2011 (12:07) | Animation, motion graphics, other

Rocketcar Day LA!

If you’re in LA, get in contact with us because we’re putting on the inaugural Rocketcar Day LA. It’s on on the 10 th of April.
Email us at too suggest a location or book yourself in to race a car.

18 March, 2011 (07:23) | other, promo

Rocketcar Day LA

Rocketcar Day has become an institution in Sydney after 12 different events spread over 10  years. While in Los Angeles I’ll be putting on the first ever Rocketcar Day LA. We’re looking for participants and a venue right now. For more info, go to

16 March, 2011 (13:45) | Animation

new summer reel

All the greatest hits from recent months rolled into one hype montage; tell your friends and check it out here

9 March, 2011 (09:15) | Animation

New limited edition 3D t-shirt for sale

We’re proud to release a special edition piece of concept art for your body. It’s a Red-Blue Anaglyph image of a squirrel bursting out of your chest and it comes with free Red-Blue glasses so you can blow minds!

The image is of a squirrel, bursting out of the chest of the wearer. The squirrel is clutching a wad of cash and smoking a cigar. He’s wearing a t-shirt that says “Let It Be Great” and holding his hand up in triumph.  He also is wearing a pair of red-blue 3d glasses.

It is a celebration of the role of character illustration in advertising and a nod to the current obsession we all have with 3d technology. For the most part, people on the street won’t have a pair of glasses obviously, so thankfully it looks sweet without them too.

Go buy one here:

9 February, 2011 (16:27) | promo

Welcome London Director, Angus Chad

London Director, Angus Chad, joins Sixty40
Angus joins our team as our new Director alongside founders Mark Simpson and Matt Taylor, fresh from a lengthy stint at BDA London. Angus’s expertise across international broadcast design and packaging complements our existing talent pool, strengthening opportunities for both us and our clients.
Angus brings more than thirteen years experience, working as an award winning Senior Designer and Graphic Designer nationally and internationally for creative agencies, television stations and post-production houses. Prior to joining Sixty40 he was engaged by Bruce Dunlop & Associates in London creating campaigns for brands including ESPN Classic Sport UK, FX Channel UK and Setanta Sports UK.
Chad’s award credits include Gold, Promax Europe: Best Themed Campaign (2008); Gold, Promax Mumbai: Channel Branding (2009); Silver, Promax New York: Best Branded Block (2009); and nominations for Promax UK: Channel Branding (2009) and Design Week TV/Film/Video Graphics Channel Branding (2010).
Check out his reel why dontchya?

9 February, 2011 (08:08) | Animation

Proto-ninja releases clip : gets motionographer writeup!

Last year’s winner Guy Verge Wallace just finished this great film clip for Papa vs Pretty, which he worked on the post here in Sixty40 Studio. And he got a great wrap up on Motionographer. Congrats Guy and read about it here…

8 February, 2011 (16:55) | Animation

Slow Motion Stereoscopic Ninja

YouTube Preview Image

Youtube  houses some great 3D technology that allows us to upload this lovely slow-mo video of a ninja getting attacked by paper. Directed by Phil Young, shot as an experiment by Sixty40. You may wish to go to youtube and put on your red-cyan glasses to fully become part of the future.

31 December, 2010 (21:20) | other

Insight into the subtleties of character design

This site explores what happens when you get the eyes wrong.

31 December, 2010 (21:00) | Animation

“Out In The Street” Footage Call out.

Sixty40 is doing another clip for mark pritchard (aka the jedi knights, harmonic 313 and now Africa Hitek).
Here’s the last one we did
This one, called “Out in the street” is the tale of urban helper robots running out of time and choosing the easy way out and achieving 8 bit rapture.
Basically, we’re asking people we know around the world to send us footage of streets into which we can comp dancing robots. The robots are all joyously dancing along the street while their expiry time approaches, wherein they jump out into the traffic and get killed.
We’re looking for a variety of urban backdrops to animate the robots onto.
Would you have the opportunity of taking some footage on something like a canon 5d ((or whatever, something with a lens, even a iphone would work) of city streets.
Find a cool street with a sidewalk next to a street and grab a few shots. They’re just plates onto which we’ll put wicked robots, so try for no people.
  1. By you walking down the street (as smooth as possible) – 20 seconds
  2. Low Angle of cars going past, looking into the traffic – 20 seconds
  3. Side on of traffic.
  4. Some cool looking skyline shots
We just need a few seconds for the edit. Night time or day. Camera can be wobbly.
Once you’ve got it, just email us the files via to

23 December, 2010 (21:17) | Animation

Graphic novel odyssey

Well as part of his “40″, Matt has just gotten back from a 3 week graphic novel residency in Florida at the Atlantic Centre for the Arts, where he and 24 other artists drew alongside Paul Pope, Craig Thompson and Svetlana Chmakova. Needless to say it was awesome. You can read all about it and get progress reports on his zombie and viking comics here at his blog.

22 November, 2010 (19:07) | character, other, viking, zombie

Cartoon Brew’s wrap up of Oscar nominee animated shorts

You really should check this great wrap up of the 33 animated shorts nominated for the oscars this year. This is massive and there is a really amazing range. Great to see peeps like Don Hertzfeldt, Joanna Lurie and Beomsik Shimbe Shim getting in there. And especially great to see two Australian directors in there, Shaun Tan and Chris Kezelos. Onya boys, represent. And besides,you should also be reading Cartoon Brew regularly. They know where it’s at.

22 November, 2010 (18:54) | Animation, character

Take Part in “No-vember”

Introducing the answer to and evolution of Movember: Reduce your grooming needs by over 75%. Grow a beard with NO Moustache. It’s for NO cause whatsoever.

Post Your Pics and join the FB Group

3 November, 2010 (16:36) | Animation

This is what the internet is for

YouTube Preview Image

It’s great to see people taking full advantage of the technology at their disposal. Empowering themselves and articulating to a mass audience. Bravo internet.

26 October, 2010 (15:34) | other

Sixty40 directs winning Gruen Transfer Pitch. Dates it.

Sixty40 directed the winning pitch for the show The Gruen Transfer. With our friends at M&C Saatchi distracted with radiating glory, we hooked up with the trophy the next afternoon and took it on a wild rollercoaster of love. Congratulations to everyone involved in the spot which planned to bring Australia and New Zealand together at last:  ”Australandzealandland

29 September, 2010 (17:26) | Animation

Sixty40 Protoninja Award Winner Announced

It was Guy Verge Wallace with his mind-blowing stop-motion epic: Underdog: Dangerforce 6.

The winner was announced at the opening night of the Sydney International Animation Festival (SIAF) at the University of Technology Sydney, on Friday 25th of September. More than 21 entries of consistently high quality, far exceeding expectations, were received from across Australia including SA, QLD, NSW and TAS.

Further information at​protoninja.

28 September, 2010 (17:18) | Animation

Sixty40 = First Runner Up in Best Animation Category

In the 2010 Create:Awards. Losing out only to the esteemed film version of “The Lost Thing”  by Sean Tan. Our stop motion wonders for TV1 continue to rake in glory.

23 September, 2010 (17:19) | Animation

10th Anniversary TVC Event: Let it be Droste

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we bought an ad spot during classic daytime viewing show “Dr. Phil”. The spot aired to the 27000 viewers of Dr. Phil on Friday the 3rd of September on Channel 10. The 15 second commercial was basically a series of  nested pull outs from a television of various characters and real people sitting in a lounge room, watching each other on TV and saying “Yaaay”:

File:Droste.jpgWe held a small party so people would be able to  see the spot sitting in the same lounge room that all the characters were sitting in watching each other.

After waiting on tender hooks, eating party pies and drinking champagne we were rewarded with the oddest TV viewing experience ever. We filmed the event and continued the nested pull out in-camera, creating the ultimate Droste Effect.

We’d like to thank everyone who chipped in to create this commercial (Scott Collins from Plush/Noiselab, Evan Newby, Dean, everyone at Sixty40) and also to Channel 10 and Free TV who didn’t blink an eye when we insinuated what we wanted to do (though they mightn’t have really grasped the full wonder of it).

Here’s the spot on its own:

6 September, 2010 (12:01) | Animation

Sixty40 is 10 : delivers art on TV

As some of you may know, Sixty40 has now been around for 10 amazing years of work. Amidst the many things we’re doing to celebrate is buying some ad time to put some art on TV during Dr. Phil. It’ll be screening between 12:15 and 12:20 this Friday the 3rd of September. Be sure to tune in to Channel 10 for a very brief bit of wonder.

30 August, 2010 (18:31) | Animation

Sixty40 Wins Iron Designer 2010

We are very proud to announce that amongst Sydney’s Design Heavyweights, Sixty40 has reigned supreme in the sold out Iron Designer contest held as part of Sydney Design Week. Against massive competition from Frost Design, Digital Eskimo our supreme ability to create magic out of nothing shone through.

From the beginning, we knew what would win in this performance focused situation would be any of the 8 steps of any creative development: evaluate the environment, listen to the brief, add humour, add heart, add sex, add robots, add puppies and let it be great,” said Sixty40′s Mark Simpson.

Image and quote from Campaign Brief.

For more coverage, check out IndesignLive

10 August, 2010 (11:46) | Animation

Job Opp: Junior at Sixty40

Position filled thanks to everyone who applied (there were heaps!)

6 August, 2010 (14:15) | Animation

Senior Designer / Director

job filled! thanks to everyone who took the time to send in fantastic reels.
New job opportunity at Sixty40. Spread the word!
Senior Designer and Art Director
Sixty40, Sydney, Australia
About Sixty40:
We are a small Sydney-based animation and design company with a penchant for funny,beautiful, charming and unique work. We are passionate about creating awesome work with awesome people.

Position Summary:

The Senior Designer / Director is responsible for leading the design and production of commercials, broadcast design and animation.

This position is a 1year contract (ideally starting Jan 2011, but this is moveable) with the possibility of a full time position after the contract expires.

Overall responsibilities:

  • Conceptualise and design pitch boards
  • Lead 2d and 3d departments
  • Animate and composite in After Effects
  • Work to deadlines and budgets
  • Some 3D (cinema 4d or max) a plus, but not mandatory


  • 5-7 years industry experience as designer with a strong interest in animation
  • Ability to generate and develop creative excellence either with a team or on own
  • Strong creative vision and passion for story and design
  • Ability to translate briefs into animation and design treatments and then execute them
  • Ability to direct narrative work as well as make it look great is a plus
  • Strong presentation skills and experience in working closely with clients.
Please send reels and CVs to: Nicky Marshall, Executive Producer
+61 2 9357 1441

6 August, 2010 (14:12) | Animation

Sixty40 shortlisted in AEAF Awards

We’ve got two projects competing against each other in the Australian Effects and Animation Festival awards for Title Idents and Stings… whoops. Good luck TV1 and Foxtel. Find out more here.

4 August, 2010 (16:22) | Animation

sixty40 x ricky rozzay x prince of ballard = fresh new montage

By now you’ve all scoped the new site and watched the new reel and you’re scratching your heads wondering who did that tight Rick Ross remix. It comes courtesy of Seattle’s own Prince of Ballard and you can find more of his fresh blends and edits here

3 August, 2010 (11:28) | Animation

Sixty40 Launches new look

We’re very happy to launch our new website and new reel. Hot new work, hot new look, hot philosophy: let it be great.

3 August, 2010 (09:14) | Animation

Sixty40 at Iron Designer

As part of Sydney Design Week, Matt and Mark will go head to head with other amazing Sydney Design companies in a high-intensity creative gladiatorial fun-fest called “iron designer”.
Here’s a gallery of the Melbourne version and some general info
Take note Digital Eskimo: YOU ARE DEAD!!

Tickets to the event can be booked online here. Tickets are $30 each or $26 each for bookings of 8+

27 July, 2010 (13:49) | Animation

We win 4 x International Promax’s

Sixty40 brings in an Gold International Promax for our TV1 Summer campaign. Check out all the spots here.

If that wasn’t enough, we then bring in 3 Silver International Promax’s for our Foxtel Winter Games spots. Check out those spots here.

We’re very thankful to our clients for bringing us in on such awesome briefs. Both of those jobs were treated very much like a series of short films from script to concept to execution so we’re very glad to see them do so well out in the harsh light of broadcast.

1 July, 2010 (16:44) | Animation

Sixty40 at Creative Sydney & 10×10

Sixty40 were asked to be one of 10 curators who choose 10 creative movers and shakers to be saluted at the 10X10 project for Creative Sydney. We were amidst a big spread of creative superdudes including Margaret Pomeranz, Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil and the founders of Sass & Bide.

Here’s who we selected and why:

  • Ash Boland from UmericAsh is a 3d design super ninja, whose beautiful, abstract and organic animations are receiving attention both here and at home. Starting to bust out big moves on the world stage, Ash, as a director, has a strong unique vision and is one-to-watch.
  • Benja Harney. Self taught and dedicated to the art of high-end pop-up books and paper engineering, through his company, Paperform, Harney has been bringing his creations to the world of advertising, fashion, illustration, invitations and fine art.
  • Mini Graff. Mini Graff is continually refining her position as both a street and traditional artist, doing residencies at such old-timey places as Megalo while continually making the streets of Sydney more interesting.
  • Joseph Allen Shea. Joseph Allen Shea is the backbone of several creative communities. Shea is a curator at Monster Children Gallery in Darlinghurst, a fine illustrator himself and the producer of ongoing excellent book work and more under the izrock title.
  • Rob Barton and The Commons. Landscape designer and restaurateur, Bob, and the hard working crew at the Commons are bringing a much needed slice of Melbourne to the Sydney Bar Scene.
  • Renny Kodgers. Performance artist, Burlesque compere, radio game show host to name just a few of his talents, he is part man, part amazing.
  • Chris WuChris’ record label and promotions company is bringing all the latest indie sounds to a range of new venues, with a cult following ever growing in his wake.
  • Billy Goat and The Mongrels. Billy Goat and the Mongrels are a balls-out romp into a deranged musical forest where you’re not sure if anyone will ever get out. They’re as heartfelt as they are troubled and for this reason are unsung wunderkinds who Sydney should be proud of.
  • Pia Van Gelder. Pia is an artist and curator of Serial Space and manages the Sydney chapter of “Dorkbot” = Mover + Shaker
  • Doug Bayne. Doug is one of the unsung heros of the animation and special effects in Sydney. Consistently making hilarious and polished work. There’s a lot to love.

Find out more about who chose what and why here

We’ve been all over the festival this year, apart from being selected to be 10X10 curators, Mark and Matt appeared in the promotional material for the Vivid Sydney.

Oh, and here’s a photo of Mark at the festival in 3D.


Photo by Alex Fry and Jamie Nimmo. Check out more here.

7 June, 2010 (14:14) | Animation

Sixty40 : The face of creative ideas

Matt and Mark appear as hot models in the promo shots for Creative Sydney this year where Sixty40 represents the face of “Ideas”. Apparently: Not only are we creative but we are beautiful as all get out.

If you’re a creative, you should get along to this excellent event based in and around the city.

Find out more about the festival here.

12 May, 2010 (10:29) | other

Sixty40 at Sydney Fashion Parade

No, that’s us in the back. For the Zimmermann parade at Sydney Fashion Week we helped extend the catwalk into an infinite illuminated hall. The LED screen at the back was aligned to create a trompe l’oeil for the (many) cameras at the end.

5 May, 2010 (09:09) | Animation

Breaking up is hard to do: Nuke Vs After Effects

AEtuts+ Tutorial “After Effects vs. Nuke” Sneak Peek from Phil Strahl on Vimeo.

This is a bit of incredibly authentic emotion on a topic that’s close to our hearts. We salute you Phil Strahl

22 April, 2010 (09:48) | Animation

How we get briefs now

It’s all over. This is the greatest brief we’ve ever received.  Thanks Stephen, that is funny stuff.

8 April, 2010 (10:06) | Animation

Sixty40 Proto-Ninja Award Announced

We’re starting up an award to celebrate hot young animators working in all media and rewarding them with moola, mentorship and screening at the Sydney International Film Festival. Here’s the press release.


With the second UTS: Sydney International Animation Festival set to launch in Sydney on 24 September 2010, emerging animators have a chance to get a leg up in the industry through the Sixty40 Proto-Ninja Award.

The Sixty40 Proto-Ninja Award will consist of $999.99 cash plus a two-month mentorship with Sixty40, a design and animation company that combines the love of creativity with the reality of commercial production.

Entrants must create a new work of between 40 and 60 seconds length, which follows the theme “Underdog”.

Deadline for entries is 6th August 2010.

“The focus of the entry should be on telling a story that strikes an emotional chord around the theme of the underdog,” said Sixty40’s Animation Director Matt Taylor. “So, we’re looking for films that are funny, sad, inspirational or evoke some other emotional response.”

Production techniques used are completely open and could include stop-frame, traditional 2D, motion graphics, 3D, photography, puppetry, film or video. The result must ensure a compelling experience for the viewer rather than just a display of technical prowess.

“We use the term ‘ninja’ to signify an animator or designer with superior skills, vision and passion who can be relied on to not only pull their own weight in a studio but also to bring fresh unique qualities to their work. A ‘proto-ninja’ is a ninja-in-the-making who has not yet had the chance to unleash their talents on the world. The mentorship will give the winner time, resources and guidance to help them develop their film, experience and secret powers on their path towards full Ninja-dom” continues Taylor.

Ten finalists will be screened and the winner announced at the opening night of the UTS: Sydney International Animation Festival, Friday 24 September, 2010. As well, the ten finalists will have their work streamed from the Proto-Ninja award website for a period of 12 months or until the 2011 winner is announced.

In 2010 the Festival will showcase sessions such as the Australian Panorama, SIGGRAPH Highlights and the wonderfully twisted Late Night Bizarre, along with a new batch of animation from France, the US, UK and China to mention a few. After the success of last year’s international guest speakers Clare Kitson, former commissioning editor for the UK’s Channel 4, and Oscar winning Canadian animator Chris Landreth, 2010 will continue to provide access to the movers and shakers of the global animation industry.

Full details about the competition are available at

10 March, 2010 (10:09) | Animation

TV1 Production Breakdown

The nice folk at Digital Media World took the time to summarise the production process we went through to make the TV1 idents. The article will appear in their latest issue but of course, it’s also online.

25 February, 2010 (08:03) | Animation

Sixty40 Nominated for Hotshop of 2009!

Hotshop Awards.

Apologies for the exclamation mark, but that’s major news! The Creative Hotshop awards identifies Australia’s most interesting/charming/innovative/coolest/sexiest production house of the year.

We are very flattered to be included amongst the 3 finalists in the animation category.

22 February, 2010 (13:31) | Animation, promo

The internets love the TV1 spots

Big ups to MotionographerDrawn and Boing Boing for sending some viewers the way of the TV1 Summer spots. You can tell when one of these blogs take an interest in your work: your internets go crazy.

29 January, 2010 (14:24) | Animation, promo, television

When a dog turns up to a sausage party

We’ve just finished a series of stop motion idents for TV1 that featured objects coming to life to explore the quintessential Australian summer. The themes were Celebrations (which ticked off christmas and new years and general summer parties), The beach (which was about hot summer days, getting burnt, hot sand, cool water and summer fruit) and finally backyard barbecues (which was about impromptu summer sports, barbecues and cricket matches on the radio. It was affectionately titled “Sausage Party”).

At the wrap up of Sausage Party

We called in Frankie, the office dog, to clean up the stars of the show.

Here’s a photo of the dog relaxing in the set for the logo resolve for “Celebration”. Download the greatest desktop pattern ever by clicking the image.


Here’s the Celebration Spot

Check out all 3 spots here

18 January, 2010 (12:40) | Animation, film clip

Battlestar voted #30 in top videos of the year

2009listed vid2 2009 Listed: Best Music Videos of the Year 30 21

By very well informed

We are very proud, and sit amongst some clips we adore.

Check out the company here

22 December, 2009 (19:30) | Animation

Battlestar featuring in the DotMov Festival

Battlestar has already been selected by and appeared in a variety of sweet film fests: The Holland animation film festival (HAFF), The Portable Film Festival (here), The Fantastic Planet Film Festival (here) to name a few. But in massive news, it has also been selected to appear in the very exclusive DotMov Festival out of Japan. It’s one of only 18 movies to appear, and we are proud as hell.

Go visit them in Tokyo why don’t ya?

3 November, 2009 (09:30) | Animation

2 Years in the wilderness

…and Psycho Teddy is still out there, making an impact in the world. This is pretty amazing advance: someone is Vlogging their reaction to the video. It’d be good to play them both at once so you can see what she’s seeing, feel what she’s feeling. You certainly know what she’s thinking, because she’s saying it out loud.

YouTube Preview Image
Try to synch the 2 videos

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe turn the sound down on this one.

8 October, 2009 (12:08) | Animation

sixty40 in new IdN book


Wooo! it’s been a while in the making but we just got our copy of the 15th anniversary IdN anthology. Our work is sandwiched between Shilo and Stardust, which is great company to keep, and on the enclosed dvd we have made a mind-blowing film which prophesises the not too far away future when pandas fly in hover cars and we work in the park in our email enabled space helmets. Available at all fancy book shops around the globe.

Check out the film Sixty40 was asked to make top mark the occasion here:

11 September, 2009 (12:24) | Animation

Rewriting classic Art : Zombie Pioneers


From Frederick McCubbin’s Classic: “The Pioneers”. Reordering and Script by Sixty40

8 September, 2009 (19:46) | other

The Pond: Installation has started



If you happen to be strolling down Burton St. Dalringhurst one of these nights you’ll notice 2 massive projections in the front garden of an old timey restaurant. The animations going at timelapse speed and represent a neglected space being reclaimed by nature. The projections run for 6 weeks and each week we release a new phase of growth.  Eventually it will become a beautiful overgrown garden to to match the transformation going on behind the screens.

3 September, 2009 (17:04) | Animation


As part of our on going strategy of putting characters everywhere, we’ve started a project of putting characters on top of poles around the neighbourhood. Keep an eye out for them.

31 August, 2009 (16:36) | Animation

Sweet Tweet about Battlstar

Aug 20th from

Just saw the preview for James Cameron’s #Avatar… It looks gnarly, but I’ve seen 2D 3D done better -

27 August, 2009 (08:58) | Animation

9 today!


well happy birthday to us. what a ride it’s been so far. good on everyboday.

25 August, 2009 (13:51) | other

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