News Flash: Sixty40 Animates dog.

28 November, 2011 (13:21) | Animation, television, tvc

Sydney, 24 November –Sixty40 has been appointed to create a series of nine TVCs as part of a new brand campaign for FetchTV. FetchTV is an entertainment service that delivers the best of free-to-air and subscription television to viewers via a broadband connection..

Building from storyboarded concepts from the agency The Works, Sixty40 designed and animated the fetchtv dog with personality, confidence, a cool vibe and attitude (but no sunglasses) that reflected the brand values of FetchTV. Sixty40 created a visual style and used subtle animation to bring humour and understated sophistication to the short character based spots. The fetchtv dog showcases some of the features of the service including its easy set-up, pause/rewind live TV and YouTube™ on TV application – encapsulated by the tagline “A new breed of entertainment.”

“We aimed to create a character that embodies the FetchTV brand and creates something instantly entertaining for the viewer. The fetchtv dog is human-like, but primarily he is a dog. We used the animal’s typical characteristics and injected a humorous and edgy persona to create a fresh and relevant ambassador for FetchTV that stayed true to its brand,” said Sixty40 Director Matt Taylor.

Each spot reinforces the key unique selling points of fetchtv: its promise to “never have nothing on” is cheekily communicated with a scene showing the dog just out of the shower and inadvertently dropping his towel. Its YouTube capabilities are shown by the dog watching himself eyebrow dancing on YouTube on his TV.

View the TVC here

“We love that these commercials, designed to appear two per ad break or right after partner retail spots, will be quirky, clever and enigmatic. With their great scripts, execution and extremely subtle sound design (meaning that they are almost silent), they’re bound to stand out. We hope to see more of this character as FetchTV grows,” said Sixty40 Director Mark Simpson.

Director: Matt Taylor
Co-Director: Mark Simpson
3D Lead: Nick Paroz
Original Concept: The Works
Audio: NoiseLab
Producer: Nicky Marshall
Character Design: Sixty40