“Out In The Street” Wins “Best Story” at Robot Film Festival

26 July, 2011 (04:06) | Animation

Out of 55 films accepted into the inaugural ”Robot Film Festival” in New York our clip for Africa Hitech wins this major accolade. They describe the award thus:

Best Story: Here we rewarded films with entertaining and intriguing storylines, particularly those which explored original memes for Robotics. Set in the streets of South Africa, Out in the Street raises questions about identity and rising intelligence as malfunctioning robots begin committing suicide to avoid the depersonalizing process of repair or replacement, achieving rapture. The realism of the shots cut between television news footage, street documentation and the eye-views of the robots themselves.

It’s lovely that they recognise some of the awesome that’s going on in that clip (although it’s not set in South Africa). For us though, what makes it particularly AMAZING is that it’s probably pretty unique for a Music Video to win anything for best narrative.

Here’s a list of the other winners: robotfilmfestival.com/films

Thanks RFF. See you next year.