2 months to go for proto ninja award

23 June, 2011 (09:51) | Animation

hey aspiring proto ninjas,

well hope you’ve all been cracking away, and if you haven’t there’s still plenty of time if you get started soon. What am I talking about? The Sixty40 Proto Ninja award of course, see this video to get you up to date

This year’s the is… “The Secret”.

We’ve been given some great tracks for you to use as soundtracks from artists such as Harmonic 313, Kyu, Elephant Tracks’ Joelistics and star Nylon producer, John Green. Get all the info and resources¬†here, and like our facebook page for stirring motivational ninja related updates.

Last year’s winner Guy Verge Wallace has been tearing it up, his last film clip for Papa vs Pretty making it onto Bare Bones Vol 3 and getting shown in festivals all over the world. Go Guy!

That could be you…