New limited edition 3D t-shirt for sale

9 February, 2011 (16:27) | promo

We’re proud to release a special edition piece of concept art for your body. It’s a Red-Blue Anaglyph image of a squirrel bursting out of your chest and it comes with free Red-Blue glasses so you can blow minds!

The image is of a squirrel, bursting out of the chest of the wearer. The squirrel is clutching a wad of cash and smoking a cigar. He’s wearing a t-shirt that says “Let It Be Great” and holding his hand up in triumph. ┬áHe also is wearing a pair of red-blue 3d glasses.

It is a celebration of the role of character illustration in advertising and a nod to the current obsession we all have with 3d technology. For the most part, people on the street won’t have a pair of glasses obviously, so thankfully it looks sweet without them too.

Go buy one here: