10th Anniversary TVC Event: Let it be Droste

6 September, 2010 (12:01) | Animation

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we bought an ad spot during classic daytime viewing show “Dr. Phil”. The spot aired to the 27000 viewers of Dr. Phil on Friday the 3rd of September on Channel 10. The 15 second commercial was basically a series of  nested pull outs from a television of various characters and real people sitting in a lounge room, watching each other on TV and saying “Yaaay”:

File:Droste.jpgWe held a small party so people would be able to  see the spot sitting in the same lounge room that all the characters were sitting in watching each other.

After waiting on tender hooks, eating party pies and drinking champagne we were rewarded with the oddest TV viewing experience ever. We filmed the event and continued the nested pull out in-camera, creating the ultimate Droste Effect.

We’d like to thank everyone who chipped in to create this commercial (Scott Collins from Plush/Noiselab, Evan Newby, Dean, everyone at Sixty40) and also to Channel 10 and Free TV who didn’t blink an eye when we insinuated what we wanted to do (though they mightn’t have really grasped the full wonder of it).

Here’s the spot on its own: