Sixty40 at Creative Sydney & 10×10

7 June, 2010 (14:14) | Animation

Sixty40 were asked to be one of 10 curators who choose 10 creative movers and shakers to be saluted at the 10X10 project for Creative Sydney. We were amidst a big spread of creative superdudes including Margaret Pomeranz, Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil and the founders of Sass & Bide.

Here’s who we selected and why:

  • Ash Boland from UmericAsh is a 3d design super ninja, whose beautiful, abstract and organic animations are receiving attention both here and at home. Starting to bust out big moves on the world stage, Ash, as a director, has a strong unique vision and is one-to-watch.
  • Benja Harney. Self taught and dedicated to the art of high-end pop-up books and paper engineering, through his company, Paperform, Harney has been bringing his creations to the world of advertising, fashion, illustration, invitations and fine art.
  • Mini Graff. Mini Graff is continually refining her position as both a street and traditional artist, doing residencies at such old-timey places as Megalo while continually making the streets of Sydney more interesting.
  • Joseph Allen Shea. Joseph Allen Shea is the backbone of several creative communities. Shea is a curator at Monster Children Gallery in Darlinghurst, a fine illustrator himself and the producer of ongoing excellent book work and more under the izrock title.
  • Rob Barton and The Commons. Landscape designer and restaurateur, Bob, and the hard working crew at the Commons are bringing a much needed slice of Melbourne to the Sydney Bar Scene.
  • Renny Kodgers. Performance artist, Burlesque compere, radio game show host to name just a few of his talents, he is part man, part amazing.
  • Chris WuChris’ record label and promotions company is bringing all the latest indie sounds to a range of new venues, with a cult following ever growing in his wake.
  • Billy Goat and The Mongrels. Billy Goat and the Mongrels are a balls-out romp into a deranged musical forest where you’re not sure if anyone will ever get out. They’re as heartfelt as they are troubled and for this reason are unsung wunderkinds who Sydney should be proud of.
  • Pia Van Gelder. Pia is an artist and curator of Serial Space and manages the Sydney chapter of “Dorkbot” = Mover + Shaker
  • Doug Bayne. Doug is one of the unsung heros of the animation and special effects in Sydney. Consistently making hilarious and polished work. There’s a lot to love.

Find out more about who chose what and why here

We’ve been all over the festival this year, apart from being selected to be 10X10 curators, Mark and Matt appeared in the promotional material for the Vivid Sydney.

Oh, and here’s a photo of Mark at the festival in 3D.


Photo by Alex Fry and Jamie Nimmo. Check out more here.