When a dog turns up to a sausage party

18 January, 2010 (12:40) | Animation, film clip

We’ve just finished a series of stop motion idents for TV1 that featured objects coming to life to explore the quintessential Australian summer. The themes were Celebrations (which ticked off christmas and new years and general summer parties), The beach (which was about hot summer days, getting burnt, hot sand, cool water and summer fruit) and finally backyard barbecues (which was about impromptu summer sports, barbecues and cricket matches on the radio. It was affectionately titled “Sausage Party”).

At the wrap up of Sausage Party

We called in Frankie, the office dog, to clean up the stars of the show.

Here’s a photo of the dog relaxing in the set for the logo resolve for “Celebration”. Download the greatest desktop pattern ever by clicking the image.


Here’s the Celebration Spot

Check out all 3 spots hereĀ http://sixty40.com/tag/tv1/