Battlestar in Portable Film Festival

31 July, 2009 (16:51) | Animation

The Battlestar clip has been accepted into the Portable Film Festival which launches this Saturday. It will also be featured as one of the festival highlights on their site on Sunday which is excellent (and a great choice might we add). It is in the Music Video category and naturally we want to win as we have made the best film clip ever.

What is this festival?
From August 1st – 31st, Portable Film Festival will present its biggest festival program yet of nearly 180 films, from over 800 submissions from 46 countries, across the festival categories of Short Film, Music Video, Look at Me, Get Animated, First Hand Capture, and Feature Film. From widescreen vistas to webcam confessionals, Portable will present the zeitgeist highlights and the under-the-radar prototypes of the big names and future talents of contemporary filmmaking, direct to your laptop, iPod, PSP or 3G mobile phone!
I love you guys, how do i vote?
To register to vote please go to:
and see the movie here
The category winners will be decided by audience voting; you’ll see your film player page has a simple rating system of 1-5, with 1 being subjectively regrettable, and 5 being possibly the Best. Film. Ever. Viewers can also post comments, critiques or talk to you directly via the comments pane on your film’s player page. Voting is open for the next month. And I guess like any good election, you can only vote once.

Our film title: Battlestar
Director: Sixty40
Category: Music Video

Please forward this onto as many friends, family, pets with internet access as you can think of as it would be great to get the awesomeness of “Battlestar” out there wherever we can. The world needs to know.

To see the full program of events please go to: