Classic comments about Battlestar

28 May, 2009 (10:30) | Animation

Comments about “Battlestar” collected from around the web:

“That’s blowing my brain to shreds…. Awesome clip & the remix really flips it from the original..Tasty! -

“Ooh very nice. It’s like lenticular vision in 3d. Is this 4d? :O” –

“From concept to execution, it’s impressive. And you know what? They just made me an insta fan of the company, the producer, and the emcees. Ahh, I love freshness! =$”

“the video to Harmonic 313 ‘sBattlestar got me tripping, how did they do that? (ace!)” – twitterer onpoint

“one of the dopest music video’s I’ve seen in a long time” - twitterer Azer

“Obacht! Flashing Lights!!!” – twitterer Florian Schneider