Month: February, 2012

Out In The Street accepted into the Byron Bay Film Festival

13 February, 2012 (16:15) | Animation, awards, film clip, promo | No comments

Not only did our music video for Africa Hitech’s “Out In The Street” win “Best Story” at the Robot Film Festival in New York, but it continues to be celebrated as a short film in great festivals such as this one. Thanks BBFF for getting behind the short-film-music-video hybrid!

Constellation of cocktails

13 February, 2012 (12:04) | motion graphics | No comments

A lovely info-graphic about cocktails. This might not be the clearest way to present information on cocktails, but it is a good example of how beautiful design can entice the reader into decoding a visual challenge. Also of note is how pleasurable that decoding and discovery can be.


10 February, 2012 (21:19) | Animation | No comments

A lovely overview into infographics use and abuse. Some good examples and history too. If you’re into Tufte though (and who wouldn’t be), don’t forget you can go do a session with him.