Month: September, 2011

Countdown : Beautiful Film Clip from Céline Desrumaux

19 September, 2011 (10:53) | Animation | No comments

Great layouts, epic moments. Space Glitch. More info on her vimeo page.

Bogan Ipsum : We stand Corrected

15 September, 2011 (19:30) | Animation | No comments

Previously, we thought Hipster Ipsum was the way of the future. How wrong we were…  Bogan ipsum will keep us As busy as a freckle piece of piss gutful of bush bash.

Timezone Superstars!

14 September, 2011 (17:17) | Animation | No comments

How awesome is this? We’re currently working with people in the following locations: Tokyo, Paris, Cardiff, London, Auckland,  Wollongong,  Sydney.We don’t even look sleepy (yet).

Some of the worst/best animation you’ll ever see

4 September, 2011 (21:30) | Animation, character, motion graphics | No comments

This guy seems to have grasped a fundamental in awesomeness: take an error and make it a feature. But seriously, the internet is eating this shit up. 500k views in 2 days (spread between his youtube and vimeo streams). Silly walks, convincing comping, the future of attracting eyeballs?

Vote Early! Vote Often!

2 September, 2011 (08:54) | Animation | No comments

Vote for our music video so we can win and high five strangers in tuxedos on stage! It’d be best if you rated higher, rather than lower obviously. You need to sign up but it only takes a second. Tell your friends too!