Month: July, 2011

“Out In The Street” Wins “Best Story” at Robot Film Festival

26 July, 2011 (04:06) | Animation | No comments

Out of 55 films accepted into the inaugural ”Robot Film Festival” in New York our clip for Africa Hitech wins this major accolade. They describe the award thus: Best Story: Here we rewarded films with entertaining and intriguing storylines, particularly those which explored original memes for Robotics. Set in the streets of South Africa, Out in the [...]

The mind and magic. How could we use this?

10 July, 2011 (04:24) | Animation | No comments

Here’s a lovely insight into how to do magic. There’s definite links here to animation and storytelling generally. Plus the general wonderfulness of seeing something that you’re not quite sure how it was done… which is something we do all the time.

Some great reviews coming in about Out In The Street

4 July, 2011 (20:14) | Animation | No comments

  And while many critics have argued that they don’t even have a place in the industry anymore, music videos like this one for Africa Hi-Tech’s “Out In The ……/video-africa-hi-tech-out-in-the-street…Impose TV: Africa Hitech, “Out In The Street” | Impose Magazine The track turns Ini Kamoze into a glitchy broken record, as though Mr. Kamoze [...]