Month: December, 2010

Slow Motion Stereoscopic Ninja

31 December, 2010 (21:20) | other | No comments

Youtube  houses some great 3D technology that allows us to upload this lovely slow-mo video of a ninja getting attacked by paper. Directed by Phil Young, shot as an experiment by Sixty40. You may wish to go to youtube and put on your red-cyan glasses to fully become part of the future.

Insight into the subtleties of character design

31 December, 2010 (21:00) | Animation | No comments

This site explores what happens when you get the eyes wrong.

“Out In The Street” Footage Call out.

23 December, 2010 (21:17) | Animation | No comments

Sixty40 is doing another clip for mark pritchard (aka the jedi knights, harmonic 313 and now Africa Hitek). Here’s the last one we did This one, called “Out in the street” is the tale of urban helper robots running out of time and choosing the easy way out and achieving 8 bit rapture. Basically, [...]