Month: January, 2010

The internets love the TV1 spots

29 January, 2010 (14:24) | Animation, promo, television | No comments

Big ups to Motionographer,  Drawn and Boing Boing for sending some viewers the way of the TV1 Summer spots. You can tell when one of these blogs take an interest in your work: your internets go crazy.

When a dog turns up to a sausage party

18 January, 2010 (12:40) | Animation, film clip | No comments

We’ve just finished a series of stop motion idents for TV1 that featured objects coming to life to explore the quintessential Australian summer. The themes were Celebrations (which ticked off christmas and new years and general summer parties), The beach (which was about hot summer days, getting burnt, hot sand, cool water and summer fruit) [...]