Month: September, 2009

sixty40 in new IdN book

11 September, 2009 (12:24) | Animation | No comments

Wooo! it’s been a while in the making but we just got our copy of the 15th anniversary IdN anthology. Our work is sandwiched between Shilo and Stardust, which is great company to keep, and on the enclosed dvd we have made a mind-blowing film which prophesises the not too far away future when pandas [...]

Rewriting classic Art : Zombie Pioneers

8 September, 2009 (19:46) | other | No comments

From Frederick McCubbin’s Classic: “The Pioneers”. Reordering and Script by Sixty40

The Pond: Installation has started

3 September, 2009 (17:04) | Animation | No comments

If you happen to be strolling down Burton St. Dalringhurst one of these nights you’ll notice 2 massive projections in the front garden of an old timey restaurant. The animations going at timelapse speed and represent a neglected space being reclaimed by nature. The projections run for 6 weeks and each week we release a [...]