Month: March, 2009

Tiny Legs of Fire

23 March, 2009 (15:44) | Animation | No comments

Long time friend of SIxty40, Doug Bayne, has just released this montage of excellence,  a top-notch entry into the category of  ”Pseudo-movie”.

frankie wins a bronze lotus

20 March, 2009 (13:18) | Animation, character | No comments

In its first appearance of the award season, in a really tough international competition – ‘Throw us a Bone’ picked up a Bronze Lotus!! Thanks to the SDCH, Gen, Hannes, Moxi Sound and the hard working guys at M & C Saatchi. Read the story here… And here’s a link about the campaign here…

German Psycho Teddy

16 March, 2009 (13:54) | Animation | No comments

Sometimes when you release a child into the wild it goes and does something on its own that is exciting and scary. Good luck Psycho Teddy, good luck.

sixty40 on FBi – 94.5 fm

5 March, 2009 (13:45) | Animation | No comments

Anna burns invited us on to be the weekly guests on FBi’s “Out of the Box” weekly show, where creative types get to present the music that floats their boat. We got an hour which we filled with Muppets, Budos Band, Mudhoney and more. Thanks, Anna, we had a ball. If you missed it, then [...]

Panda Performance

3 March, 2009 (14:26) | Animation | No comments

Here we perform live the haunting “Pandas who need people” in front of an adoring crowd. Or they were adoring to begin with anyway. Then they turned ugly.