Month: July, 2008

LOL cats for industry

31 July, 2008 (12:13) | Animation | No comments

We’re not quite sure if the irony of this will come off just right, but you may notice this image as one of our rotating images on our proper website. We would like to say, that in no way do we condone the use of cats to LOL.

Never work with animals.

17 July, 2008 (14:06) | Animation | 1 comment

Trying to get Frankie to focus long enough to draw her. For upcoming animated dog project. Stay tuned…

Life Dream #625 – tick!

17 July, 2008 (14:05) | character | No comments

- Having a life size animatronic costume made of one of your characters. The bear formerly known as Psycho Teddy, has a new single coming out which we are animating at the moment. To launch the single and whip this nation into dancing hysteria he will be appearing at shopping centres around Australia in the [...]

Uprock Tours the World : Cuprock

17 July, 2008 (11:37) | other | No comments

A couple of years ago, Matt and Mark MC’d a burlesque tour around Australia. Dressed like classic Barnum and Bailey era circus hosts, they enthralled some frightened audiences with bad jokes and some even worse magic tricks. One of the best dancers from the tour, Andy Uprock, has been doing some pretty inventive street art [...]

The Formidable Doctor Prawn

10 July, 2008 (09:06) | character | No comments

Today marks the 7th birthday of one of Sixty40′s quiet achievers: Doctor Prawn. He has been answering medical and personal questions on his blog for all these years with the proud words: “As a Doctor and a Prawn”. God Bless you Doctor Prawn.

Kmart Super Toy Sale

5 July, 2008 (07:45) | Animation, motion graphics, tvc | 1 comment

The campaign has begun. Bus Shelters, News papers, online and big TV coverage for the Super Toy Sale creative. All of the toys in the spot were custom designed because we couldn’t use real products. There’s a lot of love in them, especially the MonkeyRider. Enjoy.