Month: May, 2008

Australia’s Next Top Model and SeanyB

28 May, 2008 (11:25) | Animation | No comments

Sixty40 directed SeanyB’s new clip for “Happy Today”. As things turned out, it got tied into an episode of “Australia’s Next Top Model” where appearing in the clip was the prize for a model challenge. The result: a crazy day of helmets and tall, beautiful people and a slick graphic clip. Check it out here.

Sign Party #8

20 May, 2008 (04:37) | Animation | No comments

Every couple of weeks we invite photographers, illustrators artists or designers from within Sixty40 to contribute a new sign for the studio. It shines out over a park that is inhabited by drug users and weirdos. It’s a big opportunity to influence drifters so it’s not taken lightly.