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Promenade Dresses Beneath $50

9 March, 2014 (21:05) | Animation | No comments

Promenade Dresses Beneath $50 If you want to look enticing and gorgeous than the opposite women in promenade celebration, the exclusive and latest assortment of prom dresses 2014 helps you to standout within the crowd. discount evening dresses It used to be thought that Coco Chanel designed the primary little black gown, but whilst Coco [...]

Sixty40 Wins Gold at the Olympics!

22 October, 2013 (14:52) | Animation, awards, character, promo | No comments

We’re proud to have just landed two Gold Promax awards for commissioning agency Contently  for our Foxtel 2012 London Olympic Games campaign. Pulling in not just Best Sports Campaign but also Best TV Image Campaign, these cheeky spots went head to head with some heavy hitting spinning logos and pulled off a win. We’re very proud. Mark Simpson, director, [...]

Stereoscopic Light Portraits

10 October, 2013 (22:16) | Animation, promo | No comments

  These portraits were shot at the  2013 Lost at E minor Party. Stereoscopic, long exposure light painting converted LIVE to animated GIFs and projected on the wall at the event.  Part of our love for animated GIFs (ISFF) and our commitment to fun.

Mark @ Graphic

9 October, 2013 (08:25) | Animation | No comments

  Mark was invited to appear on a panel with Stoopid Buddy studios, the creators of Robot Chicken and Luke Pearson, comic writer and sometime story-boarder for Adventure Time.  Check out Stoopid Buddy’s latest short “Micro Mayhem”. Revealing a love of tiny toy cars and attention to animation detail. They had to make their own [...]


18 February, 2013 (12:43) | Animation, awards, character, motion graphics | No comments

Sixty40’s BMX London Olympics animation (introducing this sport as an inclusion for the first time) has just been announced as a finalist in the ASTRA Industry Excellence Awards. This humorous Infographic joins our other series of Foxtel Olympic animations that are circulating the awards scene with our 2010 Winter Olympics spots winning 3 x International [...]

Unreal Old Reels

30 January, 2013 (09:12) | Animation, other | No comments

Thanks Chris Sobieniak (Cartoon Brew) for recently uploading an early Pixar demo reel. “Pixar creates general purpose solutions for the processing and synthesis of visual information.” Power to circa 1988; we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Check out how far Sixty40 has come through the years, where we’ve developed, along with our clients and technology in an [...]

Portrait of a Radical

25 January, 2013 (12:21) | Animation, other | No comments

Say the phrase “Biographical Graphic Novel” twelve times. You think that’s hard? Wrap your head around this. As the personal sensitive vision of graphic novels continue to become more prominent in the comics market like a billowing emo storm, in a stark contrast Chad Essley’s new graphic novel documents the strange life and times of [...]

Phoenix Rising

18 January, 2013 (16:26) | Animation, awards, character, motion graphics, other, television, tvc | No comments

This is a first for Sixty40. Phoenix has risen once more, this time taking physical form. Our friends at One Green Bean had the character made and sent over. He will forever live on our awards table, sitting as an honourary statue of awesomeness. If you missed the video, check out Phoenix’s best work here.

Virgin Money “Fortunate Frank”

11 January, 2013 (14:51) | Animation, character, motion graphics, television, tvc | No comments

Sixty40 were asked by The Works to create a character based TV and print campaign, about Fortunate Frank: a happy-go-lucky traveller who unlike the rest of us doesn’t need travel insurance. Starting with still images for print and online we developed a character and style which took inspiration from Mr Bean and vintage Paddington Bear [...]

Virgin Lithium: Phoenix

21 December, 2012 (08:50) | Animation, character, film clip, motion graphics | No comments

We partnered with magnificent Israeli Illustrator, Gal Shikedi in developing Virgin Mobile’s new community support platform. Meet “Phoenix”, a multi-tasking, communication maestro. It’s like staring into a mirror to reveal the modern connected phone user, always juggling calls, Facebooking, Blogging and Tweeting. Struck down mid flight by some technical woes, Virgin Mobile’s new community support [...]

NuBees in Serbia

7 December, 2012 (15:11) | Animation, awards, film clip, motion graphics, other, promo, titles, tvc | No comments

NuBees forms part of a series of near future robot films directed by Mark Simpson. They form part of Sixty40′s independent development efforts, designed to explore techniques and expand our story telling repertoire. This Spring (their Autumn), the Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade, Serbia is hosting their Days of Future: Days of Robotics Festival; an event where students, [...]


23 November, 2012 (17:35) | Animation | No comments

  There’s only one thing to do before four days of PauseFest; gather twenty-five upstanding individuals and confine them within the vicinities of a Spanish restaurant. Lather on some wine, freshly made Paella and invite a photographer too. PauseFeast was born. Mark Simpson and Matt Taylor joined the international likes of Jason White from Leviathan, [...]

Sixty40 Wins AdNews Challenge (sort of)

19 November, 2012 (16:23) | Animation, awards, other | No comments

    November 18 2012; to be forever known as the day Sixty40 overcame all odds and won the AdNews Challenge. At least for the next couple of hours, until AdNews post the real results here. Until then, we will continue to live in a supposed glory as we march the streets of Darlinghurst, gathering with us [...]

sixty40 @ GRAPHIC

11 October, 2012 (15:31) | Animation, character, other | No comments

Yep, it’s that time of year again where the Opera House becomes a canvas for comics and animation in the weekend long festival that is GRAPHIC. At last year’s event, Sixty40′s Matt Taylor did a live reading of his comic book Lars the Last Viking  with our good friend, Scott Collins (Noiselab) accompanying with a live [...]

Sixty40 entering “The Adnews Challenge”

4 October, 2012 (16:41) | Animation, other, promo | No comments

Sixty40 Adnews Challenge Hype Promo from sixty40 on Vimeo. About our sporting ability: While Sixty40 is not averse to a physical challenge, we are not athletes in the traditional sense of the word. Or in any sense of the word for that matter. But we have spirit, and that’s what it’s about right? That’s why [...]

No Misteaks : A meditation on making stuff

2 October, 2012 (09:46) | Animation | No comments

  A meditation on the creative process. Creating something wonderful and new is never a matter of going from A to Z, ticking off each letter as you go. No matter how good you think you are at it, and no matter what others think, there’s a balance between intent and fortune: All you have [...]

New t-shirt: “The Lesser of two Elvis”

27 September, 2012 (13:31) | Animation | No comments

The lesser of two elvis. Our first dyslexic pun. A celebration of comprehension accuracy and the troubled history of the world’s favourite addled crooner. Now in t-shirt form! Order Now! Sizes Medium $20.00 AUD Large $20.00 AUD X-Large $30.00 AUD

Pictoplasma PLUS Style Frames NYC

21 September, 2012 (14:11) | Animation | No comments

  Character design and animation forms the backbone of Sixty40′s work. Pictoplasma has long been the apex of the consideration and celebration of the role of character design and art in animation and culture. Their annuals collated the best of the best character designs from around the world and served as inspiration to everyone creating and trying [...]

Sixty40′s Optus “Lion” spot wins

6 September, 2012 (17:24) | Animation, awards | No comments

Sixty40 added some sweet animated birds for this award winning spot for Optus from M&C Saatchi. The  30 second Optus ‘Lion’ commercial took out the ACE of Excellence at the Val Morgan ACES  September 2012

NBN For Business Released

4 September, 2012 (11:24) | Animation, character | No comments

Our new animation for the National Broadband Network has been released today as the NBN announces their service focussed on Australian Businesses. Watch for the dog character on a Skype call. Check out the page here and the NBN’s own blog post here.  

Sixty40 moderating PauseFest’s “PauseStage”

17 August, 2012 (11:35) | Animation | No comments

PauseFest has just announced it’s first speaker lineup for “PauseStage” and also revealed that Mark will be onstage during the whole day compering with some awesome international and local talent: an exclusive one-day event aimed as professional development for the creative industries. This is an intimate event with very limited capacity at the State Library [...]

Matt Taylor accidentally causes the creation of “Adventure Time”

15 August, 2012 (08:53) | Animation | No comments

In a beautiful twist of fate and Chutzpah , Sixty40′s Matt Taylor is acknowledged as motivating the world famous Fred Seibert of Frederator Studios to go on to help  create what is, without a doubt (to us) , the greatest animation series ever:  Adventure Time by Pemdleton Ward, on Cartoon Network (<– you can watch episodes here!). To quote [...]


26 July, 2012 (10:02) | Animation, awards, character | No comments

Sixty40 wins “Best Education” at AEAF AWARDS 2012 for NBN Explainers.

new t-shirt

25 June, 2012 (17:48) | Animation | No comments

Who wants a new t-shirt to celebrate the creative process? $25 delivered.    

Sixty40 Mentors portfolio masterclass: New tickets

28 May, 2012 (11:15) | Animation | No comments

Mark Simpson, Creative director and co-founder of Sixty40 will be mentoring at Vivid Sydney’s Portfolio Masterclass on 03 June. There’s stil some tickets for round #2! Hurry!

Time Lapse views from the Space Station

23 March, 2012 (08:18) | Animation | No comments

Some clever fellow has stitched together images from NASA’s International Space Station. Now… to composite some characters on top.

Out In The Street accepted into the Byron Bay Film Festival

13 February, 2012 (16:15) | Animation, awards, film clip, promo | No comments

Not only did our music video for Africa Hitech’s “Out In The Street” win “Best Story” at the Robot Film Festival in New York, but it continues to be celebrated as a short film in great festivals such as this one. Thanks BBFF for getting behind the short-film-music-video hybrid!


10 February, 2012 (21:19) | Animation | No comments

A lovely overview into infographics use and abuse. Some good examples and history too. If you’re into Tufte though (and who wouldn’t be), don’t forget you can go do a session with him.

Fabulous Character Test : With The Ani-meter

12 January, 2012 (09:45) | Animation | No comments

An animation range test by Brad Pickford for one of the characters in our up and coming animation series to explore the London Olympics for Foxtel. Also, Finally! A dial for animating characters.

Fantastic claymation remix of “The Thing” feat Pingu

5 January, 2012 (08:58) | Animation | No comments

This masterful remake of The Thing mashes together your love of violence with your love of cute Pingu.


2 January, 2012 (08:59) | Animation | No comments

For your viewing pleasure. A short documentary about Australia.

Quote coil

21 December, 2011 (15:24) | Animation | No comments

Forgot most of a quote you need in a pitch? Find it on QuoteCoil.

Sixty40 in IDN

16 December, 2011 (16:48) | Animation | No comments

We’ve just found this collection of Sixty40 work that appeared in the IdN Extra Book a while back. Precious memories! Check it out here.

Out In The Streets in the SMAC Awards

30 November, 2011 (10:41) | Animation | No comments

Out In The Streets nominated for “Best On Screen” in the SMAC Awards. Vote now!

News Flash: Sixty40 Animates dog.

28 November, 2011 (13:21) | Animation, television, tvc | No comments

Sydney, 24 November –Sixty40 has been appointed to create a series of nine TVCs as part of a new brand campaign for FetchTV. FetchTV is an entertainment service that delivers the best of free-to-air and subscription television to viewers via a broadband connection.. Building from storyboarded concepts from the agency The Works, Sixty40 designed and [...]

Just got reminded about One of the best Eduganda Panda Eps

9 November, 2011 (07:46) | Animation | No comments

Ahhh, classic humour.

Out In The Street : Botsker Award

7 November, 2011 (16:19) | Animation | No comments

Our ‘Botsker award arrives by mail for “Best Story” at the first ever Robot Film Festival. It Looks rad on our plinth.

Little Boat: An exercise in awesome

3 November, 2011 (10:30) | Animation | No comments

Little Boat: Check this beautiful and simple concept, well executed to maximum awesome by Nelson Boles

Spike Jonze: Mourir Aupres de Toi

21 October, 2011 (08:20) | Animation | No comments

Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi on This short film has everything we like: beautiful craft, attention to detail, sadness, funniness and sexy times.  

60 coolest tv titles, like, ever

15 October, 2011 (19:41) | Animation | No comments

If you like titles, you’ll love seeing 60 good ones in a row. From Twin Peaks to True Blood. Thanks Pajiba.

Countdown : Beautiful Film Clip from Céline Desrumaux

19 September, 2011 (10:53) | Animation | No comments

Great layouts, epic moments. Space Glitch. More info on her vimeo page.

Bogan Ipsum : We stand Corrected

15 September, 2011 (19:30) | Animation | No comments

Previously, we thought Hipster Ipsum was the way of the future. How wrong we were…  Bogan ipsum will keep us As busy as a freckle piece of piss gutful of bush bash.

Timezone Superstars!

14 September, 2011 (17:17) | Animation | No comments

How awesome is this? We’re currently working with people in the following locations: Tokyo, Paris, Cardiff, London, Auckland,  Wollongong,  Sydney.We don’t even look sleepy (yet).

Some of the worst/best animation you’ll ever see

4 September, 2011 (21:30) | Animation, character, motion graphics | No comments

This guy seems to have grasped a fundamental in awesomeness: take an error and make it a feature. But seriously, the internet is eating this shit up. 500k views in 2 days (spread between his youtube and vimeo streams). Silly walks, convincing comping, the future of attracting eyeballs?

Vote Early! Vote Often!

2 September, 2011 (08:54) | Animation | No comments

Vote for our music video so we can win and high five strangers in tuxedos on stage! It’d be best if you rated higher, rather than lower obviously. You need to sign up but it only takes a second. Tell your friends too!

How TV will be in the future

27 August, 2011 (07:55) | Animation | No comments [from boingboing]

live comic reading at Graphic

23 August, 2011 (14:52) | Animation | No comments

Matt and longtime Sixty40 partner-in-crime, Scott Collins, took to the stage at the OZ Comics panel and did a riff heavy live performance of Matt’s new book “Lars the Last Viking Goes to the End of the World”. The panel itself was a legion of Australian comic book heavy hitters: Pat Grant (Blue), Mandy Ord (Sensitive [...]

lars the last viking launch at china heights gallery

11 August, 2011 (11:18) | Animation | 1 comment

Sixty40 Press is proud to launch Matt’s new comic book Lars the Last Viking at China Heights Gallery on Thursday 18th August. Pat Grant (author of Blue) will be giving an opening speech and Matt will do a live reading of the book. There will also be all the original pages of the book on [...]

“Out In The Street” Wins “Best Story” at Robot Film Festival

26 July, 2011 (04:06) | Animation | No comments

Out of 55 films accepted into the inaugural ”Robot Film Festival” in New York our clip for Africa Hitech wins this major accolade. They describe the award thus: Best Story: Here we rewarded films with entertaining and intriguing storylines, particularly those which explored original memes for Robotics. Set in the streets of South Africa, Out in the [...]

The mind and magic. How could we use this?

10 July, 2011 (04:24) | Animation | No comments

Here’s a lovely insight into how to do magic. There’s definite links here to animation and storytelling generally. Plus the general wonderfulness of seeing something that you’re not quite sure how it was done… which is something we do all the time.

Some great reviews coming in about Out In The Street

4 July, 2011 (20:14) | Animation | No comments

  And while many critics have argued that they don’t even have a place in the industry anymore, music videos like this one for Africa Hi-Tech’s “Out In The ……/video-africa-hi-tech-out-in-the-street…Impose TV: Africa Hitech, “Out In The Street” | Impose Magazine The track turns Ini Kamoze into a glitchy broken record, as though Mr. Kamoze [...]

Out In The Street Released!

30 June, 2011 (19:29) | Animation | No comments

Remember the call out for footage for a clip we were making? Well, the film is finished and released by Warp Records. The Clip was featured on Pitchfork just this morning as an exclusive. Next stop.. all other blogs on the planet. Thanks to all who sent in footage, and even those who thought about it [...]

2 months to go for proto ninja award

23 June, 2011 (09:51) | Animation | No comments

hey aspiring proto ninjas, well hope you’ve all been cracking away, and if you haven’t there’s still plenty of time if you get started soon. What am I talking about? The Sixty40 Proto Ninja award of course, see this video to get you up to date This year’s the is… “The Secret”. We’ve been given [...]

Calypso Bin Laden RIP

2 May, 2011 (16:33) | Animation | No comments

Calypso Bin Laden – Cave of Love Here’s a piece we did for a series we developed called Ringtone Deathmatch. This performance is now even more haunting. You can also see a rare interview with Calypso here

Craymazing video from The Daniels

20 April, 2011 (12:45) | Animation | No comments

But they’ve done heaps of really odd, simple concepts realy nicely executed. I’ll pick one of their videos almost at random: They did the firemouth clip you might have seen on the internets a while a go But what i love is that they made this little test, and it’s all the things these things should [...]

sixty40 named as hotshop finalist

30 March, 2011 (15:27) | Animation, awards, motion graphics | No comments

Well the results are in and Sixty40 came out as a finalist alongside Iloura and Mighty Nice in the Animation Category for Australian Creative’s 2010 Hotshop Awards. Check out the full results in the April issue. XYZ took out top honours for Animation, and we are proud to rank amongst such top competition. Congrats to all [...]

2011 proto ninja award launch

22 March, 2011 (12:07) | Animation, motion graphics, other | No comments

Launching this year’s Proto Ninja award tonight. The site needs to be updated which will happen asap, but in the meantime we will be having a screening of the latest clip from last year’s winner, The talented Guy Verge Wallace, up at the World Bar. Please stay tuned here for this year’s Proto Ninja Comp [...]

Rocketcar Day LA

16 March, 2011 (13:45) | Animation | No comments

Rocketcar Day has become an institution in Sydney after 12 different events spread over 10  years. While in Los Angeles I’ll be putting on the first ever Rocketcar Day LA. We’re looking for participants and a venue right now. For more info, go to

new summer reel

9 March, 2011 (09:15) | Animation | No comments

All the greatest hits from recent months rolled into one hype montage; tell your friends and check it out here

Welcome London Director, Angus Chad

9 February, 2011 (08:08) | Animation | No comments

London Director, Angus Chad, joins Sixty40 Angus joins our team as our new Director alongside founders Mark Simpson and Matt Taylor, fresh from a lengthy stint at BDA London. Angus’s expertise across international broadcast design and packaging complements our existing talent pool, strengthening opportunities for both us and our clients. Angus brings more than thirteen years experience, [...]

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