Sixty40 adds Simon Robson as Creative Director

And does mad wicked photo shoot to celebrate.

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18 February, 2015 (13:07) | promo

Promenade Dresses Beneath $50

Promenade Dresses Beneath $50

If you want to look enticing and gorgeous than the opposite women in promenade celebration, the exclusive and latest assortment of prom dresses 2014 helps you to standout within the crowd. discount evening dresses It used to be thought that Coco Chanel designed the primary little black gown, but whilst Coco Chanel did design many lovely LBD’s, the style truly advanced through the years as a solution to ladies’s problem of finding one thing versatile, snug and sensible to put on.

The largest disadvantage in shopping for heavy Indian attire Is that they’re onetime wears and after the wedding they’re simply wrapped up and saved at one nook of your wardrobe you don’t want to repeat them in any other marriage ceremony and you can not put on them anyplace else as effectively.

However it has been observed that ladies having plus measurement figure often feel shy and never capable of decide correctly what should wear on some special occasions as they grow to be completely unable to find the attire that may swimsuit on her body.

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9 March, 2014 (21:05) | Animation

Sixty40 Wins Gold at the Olympics!

We’re proud to have just landed two Gold Promax awards for commissioning agency Contently  for our Foxtel 2012 London Olympic Games campaign.

Pulling in not just Best Sports Campaign but also Best TV Image Campaign, these cheeky spots went head to head with some heavy hitting spinning logos and pulled off a win. We’re very proud.
Mark Simpson, director, says of the series: “As you may know, 2012 is the year of the info graphic, so for this series we’ve played with combining Venn diagrams, bar charts, facts and made up stuff with nuanced character information.”
Also awesome: the IOC liked them so much, they’re now part of the official olympic media archive. That’s forever!
Check out the series here.

22 October, 2013 (14:52) | Animation, awards, character, promo

Stereoscopic Light Portraits


These portraits were shot at the  2013 Lost at E minor Party. Stereoscopic, long exposure light painting converted LIVE to animated GIFs and projected on the wall at the event.  Part of our love for animated GIFs (ISFF) and our commitment to fun.

10 October, 2013 (22:16) | Animation, promo

Mark @ Graphic


Mark was invited to appear on a panel with Stoopid Buddy studios, the creators of Robot Chicken and Luke Pearson, comic writer and sometime story-boarder for Adventure Time.  Check out Stoopid Buddy’s latest short “Micro Mayhem”. Revealing a love of tiny toy cars and attention to animation detail. They had to make their own camera rig to get the camera moves just so. It totally paid off I reckon what we loose in resolution we gain in smooth motion and storytelling.  Thanks to Graphic Festival and the Sydney Opera House for such a great time.

9 October, 2013 (08:25) | Animation

New Business Cards

There’s nothing quite like getting something physical after designing it digitally. Particularly when that thing is a 350 GSM matte celloglazed business card. mmmmm thick.

2 May, 2013 (12:59) | promo


Sixty40’s BMX London Olympics animation (introducing this sport as an inclusion for the first time) has just been announced as a finalist in the ASTRA Industry Excellence Awards. This humorous Infographic joins our other series of Foxtel Olympic animations that are circulating the awards scene with our 2010 Winter Olympics spots winning 3 x International Silver Promaxes.

In this case, you won’t learn about Olympic Game mythology or gain an insight into the Greek tradition of athletic nudity – but you will come away with 50 seconds worth of dazzling facts about the hardcore tendencies of BMX riding. Character animation in After Effects really brought this spot to life and was accompanied by Gus Worland (Triple M Breakfast Announcer), who naturally makes our script sound super exhilarating. We worked closely with Contently in producing this series and have Foxtel to thank for being XTREMELY supportive of our creative vision. Here’s to bringing home gold!

If you haven’t already, check out our most recent Foxtel Olympic animations here.

18 February, 2013 (12:43) | Animation, awards, character, motion graphics

Unreal Old Reels

Thanks Chris Sobieniak (Cartoon Brew) for recently uploading an early Pixar demo reel. “Pixar creates general purpose solutions for the processing and synthesis of visual information.” Power to circa 1988; we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Check out how far Sixty40 has come through the years, where we’ve developed, along with our clients and technology in an exciting dance of truth or dare. Though Sixty40 officially began in 2000, let’s start the journey (commentated by Mark Simpson) in 2006 from whatever online sources we can find and follow through to the most recent.

“2006: Some great memories there. A year of great characters combined with some sweet motion. Shame about how few pixels there were back then. People obviously had more time to watch reels then.”

“2007: Nice to see a reel adding new classics and clients as we develop. But wow, some of those jobs bring back some great moments of creativity and pressure combined in beautiful harmony. Great song too.”

“2008: Getting classier now, more 3D and design coming in. Amazing lyrics in that song that always made us a bit teary in meetings.”

“2009: What an intro! Using one of our puppets involved in a brain breaking karaoke scene might have been a pretty big call in retrospect. But when you’ve got rad work, you can break all the rules.”

“2010: Another great song. A solid remix. Here we’re separating our work up to try to let people focus on different parts of what we do. That stop motion stuff brings back some memories in the studio during summer. Hot!”

“2011: More finesse here. Some higher budget 3d work shining through. But great to see the humour coming through. Love to see how edits effect the feeling.”

“2012: More great music. By shaving it down to 1:32, we’re clearly trying to respect that people are highly prone these days to switch channels on their internets. Keep it fast and punchy folks. Inspire and get people to pick up the email.”

30 January, 2013 (09:12) | Animation, other

Portrait of a Radical

Say the phrase “Biographical Graphic Novel” twelve times. You think that’s hard? Wrap your head around this.

As the personal sensitive vision of graphic novels continue to become more prominent in the comics market like a billowing emo storm, in a stark contrast Chad Essley’s new graphic novel documents the strange life and times of a public figure trying to disappear (albeit in a very public fashion). Essley’s new work, The Hinterland, documents his relationship with John McAfee (McAfee Antivirus) as he tries to go underground in an attempt to hide from authorities in Belize. Overnight, Chad Essley’s job title for McAfee (McAfee Antivirus) shifted from Illustrator to Webmaster and Primary Public Liaison, closely documenting the suspect’s scurry from the law. He writes, “I’ve been busy! Life has many twists and turns.” Indeed it does Chad.

Sixty40’s Matt Taylor elaborates: It has been an amazing ride following John McAfee’s adventures, from reclusive antivirus software mogul to alleged murderer with a compound and private army in South America. A graphic novel is the only logical conclusion to this saga and no doubt safer than having Vice magazine trail after you. This sounds like an amazing and personal insight into a man whose life is stranger than fiction, and needs images to fully realise the weirdness.

The McAfee story joins the ranks of other acclaimed graphic novels, recently released about very different people whose stories are also nothing short of incredible. My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf (about the teenage tribulations of serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer) and Annie Sullivan and The Trials of Helen Keller by Joseph Lambert (about Helen Keller’s tutor) came out last year. Unlike most autobio comics, which tend to be sad and lonely stories written by sad and lonely cartoonists, these all bust out into some bold new territory.

How all of these stories benefit from the graphic novel format is by the actions of giving these insane stories a face, a setting and through their hand-drawn nature, a personality. It’s interesting that none of the stories are drawn in a slick, highly styled way, but the simplicity and earnestness of their line work helps you assess these people who are labeled freaks, monsters or villains as just people; their actions are drawn out before you and you can be the judge rather than being steered in a direction by the prose of an author.

Of course, choice of art style sets a tone for a story, but I find that with all three of these stories the simplicity of style grounds them and lets you feel what it’s like to be that person or know them, rather than just sit back in the bleachers removed and gob smacked. The fact that these are all indie graphic novels, with a lower level expectation than if to say this was a feature with Brad Pitt signed to star as John McAfee, gives them the freedom to be less sensationalistic and explore the issues in a raw honest way, much like the style they are all drawn in.

This is also an exciting crazy first for comics in general. We’ll be watching this story unfold.

25 January, 2013 (12:21) | Animation, other

Phoenix Rising

This is a first for Sixty40. Phoenix has risen once more, this time taking physical form. Our friends at One Green Bean had the character made and sent over. He will forever live on our awards table, sitting as an honourary statue of awesomeness. If you missed the video, check out Phoenix’s best work here.

18 January, 2013 (16:26) | Animation, awards, character, motion graphics, other, television, tvc

Who Could Oppose These Thumbs?

Here’s a photo of our Creative Directors Mark and Matt. Thumbs up for enthusiasm. Let it be great.

17 January, 2013 (16:48) | other

Virgin Money “Fortunate Frank”

Sixty40 were asked by The Works to create a character based TV and print campaign, about Fortunate Frank: a happy-go-lucky traveller who unlike the rest of us doesn’t need travel insurance. Starting with still images for print and online we developed a character and style which took inspiration from Mr Bean and vintage Paddington Bear cartoons to create a stylised world for our fortuitous hero to bumble through. Check it out now!

11 January, 2013 (14:51) | Animation, character, motion graphics, television, tvc

Virgin Lithium: Phoenix

We partnered with magnificent Israeli Illustrator, Gal Shikedi in developing Virgin Mobile’s new community support platform. Meet “Phoenix”, a multi-tasking, communication maestro. It’s like staring into a mirror to reveal the modern connected phone user, always juggling calls, Facebooking, Blogging and Tweeting. Struck down mid flight by some technical woes, Virgin Mobile’s new community support platform lets him rise from the ashes quick smart. Be gone dark cloud of techno-chaos! With the help of Virgin Mobile, Phoenix defeats and befriends the beast. This new piece of online content is a great example of international collaborative efforts and the response has been even greater. Kevin Frausto seemed to enjoy, responding to the video with a resounding and unabashed “Lol” (we imagine whilst simultaneously sharing photos, blogging and Tumblring about the event). Thanks Kevin. For those who haven’t already checked it out, you can do so here: 

21 December, 2012 (08:50) | Animation, character, film clip, motion graphics

NuBees in Serbia

NuBees forms part of a series of near future robot films directed by Mark Simpson. They form part of Sixty40′s independent development efforts, designed to explore techniques and expand our story telling repertoire. This Spring (their Autumn), the Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade, Serbia is hosting their Days of Future: Days of Robotics Festival; an event where students, citizens, academia and industry will come together to debate, ponder, explore and embrace the prospects hi-technology is offering global civilization. This amazing-sounding festival will be projecting NuBees along with the Music Video we created for Africa Hitech’s “Out In The Street” centrally throughout. Can’t get to Belgrade? Check out Nubees here and, if you haven’t seen it already check out Out In The Street here. Robot Dystopia ho!


7 December, 2012 (15:11) | Animation, awards, film clip, motion graphics, other, promo, titles, tvc



There’s only one thing to do before four days of PauseFest; gather twenty-five upstanding individuals and confine them within the vicinities of a Spanish restaurant. Lather on some wine, freshly made Paella and invite a photographer too. PauseFeast was born. Mark Simpson and Matt Taylor joined the international likes of Jason White from Leviathan, Jeremy Boxer from Vimeo, Rick Chen from Pozible and many more as topics were discussed, ranging from the state of the art to the state of the future of art.

PauseFest’s mantra is to ‘bring together the world’s best and brightest leaders in the digital industries’. And exactly that was done, only this time to savour a moment before all would brace the stage to speak about this years theme: future. On the day, speakers engaged themselves in fostering the bond between young talent and the commercial industry, redefining our digital perceptions. Speakers included Psyop, Hyper Island, Shock Records, XYZ and The Marmalade, all of whom brought their own cutting edge developments to Melbourne to appear on the PauseStage with Mark. If you missed out, check out the details here.

Want to know more about what we discovered about the future? Don’t hesitate to call.


Click through for more photos. 

23 November, 2012 (17:35) | Animation

Sixty40 Wins AdNews Challenge (sort of)



November 18 2012; to be forever known as the day Sixty40 overcame all odds and won the AdNews Challenge. At least for the next couple of hours, until AdNews post the real results here. Until then, we will continue to live in a supposed glory as we march the streets of Darlinghurst, gathering with us a congregation of imagined magnificence.

A great start was lead in the Kayak component (James “Sergeant” Wallis brought us in at 6th place). It all continued to go down hill from there. Quite literally. Ben “The Whippet” Cotton ran his little heart out. Bob “Legs” Mohan cycled faster than Henry Thomas ever could. Matt “The Fish” Taylor swam in the wrong direction. It was a synchronised-catastrophe of testosterone and adrenaline that nobody could bear to tear their eyes away from. How we ‘won’, we will never know…

All in all, it was a great day all round. We didn’t win… really the industry did. So we won in the sense that we were part of an event which raised money for Mayday – a group which raises awareness, generates funds and builds sustainability programs to assist organisations and individuals who are committed to developing the potential of disadvantaged young people. See you next year.

Sixty40 Adnews Challenge Hype Promo from Sixty40 on Vimeo.

19 November, 2012 (16:23) | Animation, awards, other

sixty40 @ GRAPHIC

Yep, it’s that time of year again where the Opera House becomes a canvas for comics and animation in the weekend long festival that is GRAPHIC. At last year’s event, Sixty40′s Matt Taylor did a live reading of his comic book Lars the Last Viking  with our good friend, Scott Collins (Noiselab) accompanying with a live improvised metal soundtrack. You can see pics here… This year Matt’s involved again in two events.

The big one is Radio with Pictures, this is best described as above as part radio show, part comic strip – teaming up authors, artists and musicians to explore bold new graphic ways of telling stories. Presenters include comedian Lawrence Leung (of ABC’s Choose Your Own Adventure and Lawrence Leung’s Unbelieveable), Courtney Collins (author, The Burial), Nina Las Vegas (Triple J’s House Party), playwright Anna Barnes plus a new work by John Birmingham (He Died With A Felafel In His Hand, Leviathan) will be presented live on stage by Simon Bedak. These writers are collaborating with illustrators Biddy Maroney (W$YK), Georgia PerrySara Drake (US), Leigh RigozziMatt TaylorMatt Huynh and more.

Matt is working with John Birmingham on an excerpt from his new sci-fi/horror story which is all about subterranean demons in the deep south. Adam Hulbert (AKA Senator J1m) is cooking up some dark, atmospheric soundscapes and while there’s many more late nights to be spent on it yet, it’s shaping up to be very exciting. The performance will be on November 11th at 3.30. See you there.

The other thing is Matt’s got a panel in the Exquisite Comic project up in the Kinokunya window. All you surrealists know what an exquisite Corpse is, but just in case you can read about it here. The brief was:12 Graphic alumni had to each respond to the previous artists panel using only yellow and black. There was a great bunch of artists involved you can see the whole thing here.

Boom. Just 1 month to go!

11 October, 2012 (15:31) | Animation, character, other

Vimeo’s New Tip Jar

Vimeo has launched a new feature on their video-hosting website which lets viewers donate money to a video owner. An interesting idea, based on the premise that people don’t mind paying for content and might do so out of the goodness of their hearts sometimes. The tip jar metaphor is a good one too: where people simply express their appreciation for the provision of good service or a good product like you might in a restaurant.  This is slightly different to a “Pay What You Want” model. Radiohead pioneered this approach in 2008 when they asked people to pay only what they wanted (from nothing up I suppose). By all accounts this was a massive success and has inspired lots of use of the system (including restaurants). The TipJar is friendlier though, perhaps because it comes with slightly less pressure perhaps. I hope people make a bit of moola  because getting actual money is a much bigger pat on the back that just getting “Likes”.  Says Vimeo:

“A tip is the ultimate expression of appreciation, and the easiest and best way to support the creators you love,” Vimeo said in a note on its site. “With a tip, you’re not only telling a creator how important their work is to you, you’re also giving them the resources to make more of it.”

This will be followed up with a  ”Pay Per View” system next year. Vimeo takes 15% for the service. A nice way to keep ads out of Vimeo. This helps keep things classy when we host our videos. Check it out here.

5 October, 2012 (10:23) | other

Sixty40 entering “The Adnews Challenge”

Sixty40 Adnews Challenge Hype Promo from sixty40 on Vimeo.

About our sporting ability:
While Sixty40 is not averse to a physical challenge, we are not athletes in the traditional sense of the word. Or in any sense of the word for that matter. But we have spirit, and that’s what it’s about right? That’s why we’re proud to be stepping up to the plate to take part in the AdNews Challenge.

About the race: Made up of 5 legs racing around Clifton Gardens

LEG 1 – KAYAK 1km
LEG 2 – RUN 4.8km
LEG 3 – BIKE 6.4km
LEG 4 – RUN 2km
LEG 5 – SWIM 400m


And then on top of that we are raising funds for Mayday – a group which raises awareness, generates funds and builds sustainability programs to assist organisations and individuals who are committed to developing the potential of disadvantaged young people.

Please contribute to this good cause.


4 October, 2012 (16:41) | Animation, other, promo

No Misteaks : A meditation on making stuff


A meditation on the creative process.

Creating something wonderful and new is never a matter of going from A to Z, ticking off each letter as you go. No matter how good you think you are at it, and no matter what others think, there’s a balance between intent and fortune: All you have learnt and what you are learning on the job right now.

A good director (or any creative) is simultaneously as good as the final product they deliver and also as good as how smoothly they got there. The more professional one becomes, the less mistakes you should make. But the more you need to push things. The more risks you should take. You need to become better, more efficient and more effective in order to demand your exorbitant rates and invites to cool parties. That’s why you’re excellent.

You would never want to lose the opportunity to erase mistakes, and to learn from them, but you also need to act without doubt, to trust your instincts. “No Misteaks” is a meditation on the combination of confidence and humility that you need to succeed and produce great work.

Embrace the paradox. Total Confidence. Total willingness to change everything.

2 October, 2012 (09:46) | Animation

New t-shirt: “The Lesser of two Elvis”

The lesser of two elvis. Our first dyslexic pun. A celebration of comprehension accuracy and the troubled history of the world’s favourite addled crooner.

Now in t-shirt form!

Order Now!


27 September, 2012 (13:31) | Animation

Pictoplasma PLUS Style Frames NYC





Character design and animation forms the backbone of Sixty40′s work.

Pictoplasma has long been the apex of the consideration and celebration of the role of character design and art in animation and culture. Their annuals collated the best of the best character designs from around the world and served as inspiration to everyone creating and trying to transact in character design.

We’re thrilled to find that the Pictoplasma conference aligns with Mark Simpson arrival in New York in November allowing him to roll straight off the plane, have a coffee or two, go to Pictoplasma NYC on the weekend, then go to Style Frames NYC to explore the role of concept art and pitching in winning work in competitive markets. Between the 2 events, that’s 4 days of incredible insight in New York, New York: the city so nice, they named it twice.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mark then jumps on a plane back to Melbourne to get onstage to moderate a a group of Australian and international design heavyweights at PauseFest.

We love it when a plan comes together.

21 September, 2012 (14:11) | Animation

PauseFest 2012 announces full program!


PauseFest has announced their program for 2012. From the site:
Pause Digital Festival brings some of the world’s best and brightest leaders in the digital industries to Melbourne. With 14 screenings; 6 industry workshops; 8 interactive projects and the premiere conference event this years program will leave you gasping for breath! has the standard program and if you want a more extended download get it  here .

Sixty40′s own Mark Simpson is doing a MC’ing and Q&A session with each of the speakers at PauseStage.
He’ll be on stage on Saturday 10th of November, keeping the mood hype, with the following luminaries:
PauseStage direct ticketing link is here.

17 September, 2012 (13:43) | awards

Sixty40′s Optus “Lion” spot wins

Sixty40 added some sweet animated birds for this award winning spot for Optus from M&C Saatchi. The  30 second Optus ‘Lion’ commercial took out the ACE of Excellence at the Val Morgan ACES  September 2012

6 September, 2012 (17:24) | Animation, awards

NBN For Business Released

Our new animation for the National Broadband Network has been released today as the NBN announces their service focussed on Australian Businesses. Watch for the dog character on a Skype call.

Check out the page here and the NBN’s own blog post here.


4 September, 2012 (11:24) | Animation, character

Sixty40 moderating PauseFest’s “PauseStage”

Pause Digital Festival 2012 - The Next Now 8th to 11th November

PauseFest has just announced it’s first speaker lineup for “PauseStage” and also revealed that Mark will be onstage during the whole day compering with some awesome international and local talent:

an exclusive one-day event aimed as professional development for the creative industries. This is an intimate event with very limited capacity at the State Library of Victoria where you will get to LISTEN and INTERACT with some of the most exciting and inspiring leaders from the digital world in a moderated Q&A session by Mark Simpson from Sydney’s Sixty40 studio.

The lineup is already pretty awesome, and includes speakers from Leviathan (Chicago), Marmalade (Hamburg) and Jeremy Boxer from Vimeo. It’s part of a few days of screenings, talks and workshops. Well worth a visit.

You can buy tickets now to the PauseStage. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

17 August, 2012 (11:35) | Animation

Matt Taylor accidentally causes the creation of “Adventure Time”

YouTube Preview Image
In a beautiful twist of fate and Chutzpah , Sixty40′s Matt Taylor is acknowledged as motivating the world famous Fred Seibert of Frederator Studios to go on to help  create what is, without a doubt (to us) , the greatest animation series ever:  Adventure Time by Pemdleton Ward, on Cartoon Network (<– you can watch episodes here!).
To quote Fred from his blog:

…it was the very same Matt Taylor, who at Kidscreen 2008, asked me when the heck the show was going to be on television. I very flippantly assured him, with complete confidence, that the series would be in production within six months. There were absolutely no facts behind my assertions, because at that moment we’d been rejected virtually everywhere we’d visited; everyone loved the short and no one wanted the show.

Well, my bluster got picked up by the influential Gwen Billings in Cynopsis: Kids! the very next day. Our phones started ringing and the ball was in motion so I wouldn’t be accused of being a liar.

Matt Taylor got that ball rolling and for him we are forever grateful.


Now, to quote Matt:

This post was written by Fred Seibert, Executive Producer/Head Honcho of Frederator Studios. Fred’s career has been long and illustrious having launched MTV in the 80s with its famous series of animated IDs, breathed life back into Nickelodeon in the 90s and most recently his position as Executive Producer for a slew of hit shows on Cartoon Network including Adventure Time and the Regular Show. He is notorious for doing things in an unconventional manner, his Burbank animation studio for example is filled with the cream of the indie comics scene rather than seasoned animators, and while in New York I was keen to meet him.
I wrote him an email out of the blue in April in Los Angeles reminding him of a question I’d asked him at a session in Kidscreen 2008 about Adventure Time. He wrote back a minute later saying “Oh so you’re the one who started all that.” and we arranged a time to meet up in August when our schedules aligned. Our meeting was suitably odd – an 11 year old son of a friend of his from Salt Lake City sat in on it, and Fred was incredibly interested, honest and enlightening. Afterwards we took each others pictures to post on our respective social networks and I walked back out into the sweltering New York summer heat.

15 August, 2012 (08:53) | Animation

Superheroes as Manatees

A brilliant idea by Joel Micah Harris. What if our superheroes were, in fact, manatees. Find out:

31 July, 2012 (08:56) | character


For the second year running Sixty40 brings home gold in the AEAF Awards held by Digital Media World. This year being rewarded for best in the “Education and Training” category. Awarded for just one of the series of explainer videos designed, scripted and animated for the NBN.

This reflects a move into the production of online content for Sixty40 which combines world class animation skills and character design with a script development and content consultation service. Online content is exploding and Sixty40 is offering this service to both advertising agencies and businesses to help them get their messages across with the humour and sophistication that keeps people watching while secretly sneaking information to them.

“This type of educational or ‘explainer’ video is a big category in the animation industry now. We pride ourselves on knowing how to do them right to keep people engaged.” says director Mark Simpson

To see a range of videos
See the characters in use at

Character Design: Matt Taylor
Directed by: Matt Taylor and Mark Simpson
Animated by: Sebastian Danta, Will Mercer, Brad Pickford
Sound: Plush Films

26 July, 2012 (10:02) | Animation, awards, character

new t-shirt

Who wants a new t-shirt to celebrate the creative process? $25 delivered.



25 June, 2012 (17:48) | Animation

Sixty40 Mentors portfolio masterclass: New tickets

Mark Simpson, Creative director and co-founder of Sixty40 will be mentoring at Vivid Sydney’s Portfolio Masterclass on 03 June.
There’s stil some tickets for round #2! Hurry!

28 May, 2012 (11:15) | Animation

Matt interviewed in New York

Matt’s just finished his Caravan Of Comics tour of Canada and the US. He, and a collection of Australian comic artist heavyweights attended MOCCA Fest in New York where Matt was interviewed by the venerable Ustralian blog. Read the interview here.

9 May, 2012 (17:23) | awards, character

Edward Tufte Baseball Cap

Matt is currently in New York as part of The Caravan of Comics. While there, he attended a lecture and scored a priceless treasure: A baseball cap signed by the hugely influential information designer, Edward Tufte.  His books on the visual display on information remain at the forefront of thinking about communicating visually in any realm.

We will wear it with pride while strolling in the sun.


1 May, 2012 (08:44) | promo

Time Lapse views from the Space Station

Some clever fellow has stitched together images from NASA’s International Space Station. Now… to composite some characters on top.

23 March, 2012 (08:18) | Animation

Out In The Street accepted into the Byron Bay Film Festival

Not only did our music video for Africa Hitech’s “Out In The Street” win “Best Story” at the Robot Film Festival in New York, but it continues to be celebrated as a short film in great festivals such as this one. Thanks BBFF for getting behind the short-film-music-video hybrid!

13 February, 2012 (16:15) | Animation, awards, film clip, promo

Constellation of cocktails

A lovely info-graphic about cocktails. This might not be the clearest way to present information on cocktails, but it is a good example of how beautiful design can entice the reader into decoding a visual challenge. Also of note is how pleasurable that decoding and discovery can be.

13 February, 2012 (12:04) | motion graphics


A lovely overview into infographics use and abuse. Some good examples and history too. If you’re into Tufte though (and who wouldn’t be), don’t forget you can go do a session with him.

10 February, 2012 (21:19) | Animation

Fabulous Character Test : With The Ani-meter

An animation range test by Brad Pickford for one of the characters in our up and coming animation series to explore the London Olympics for Foxtel. Also, Finally! A dial for animating characters.

12 January, 2012 (09:45) | Animation

Fantastic claymation remix of “The Thing” feat Pingu

YouTube Preview Image

This masterful remake of The Thing mashes together your love of violence with your love of cute Pingu.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

5 January, 2012 (08:58) | Animation


YouTube Preview Image

For your viewing pleasure. A short documentary about Australia.

2 January, 2012 (08:59) | Animation

Quote coil

Forgot most of a quote you need in a pitch? Find it on QuoteCoil.

21 December, 2011 (15:24) | Animation

Sixty40 in IDN

idn book
We’ve just found this collection of Sixty40 work that appeared in the IdN Extra Book a while back. Precious memories!
Check it out here.

16 December, 2011 (16:48) | Animation

Out In The Streets in the SMAC Awards

We are proud to say OITS is a nominee for “Best On Screen” in the Sydney Music, Arts & Culture (SMAC) Awards.

Get over there, see the rest (but vote for the best.)

30 November, 2011 (10:41) | Animation

News Flash: Sixty40 Animates dog.

Sydney, 24 November –Sixty40 has been appointed to create a series of nine TVCs as part of a new brand campaign for FetchTV. FetchTV is an entertainment service that delivers the best of free-to-air and subscription television to viewers via a broadband connection..

Building from storyboarded concepts from the agency The Works, Sixty40 designed and animated the fetchtv dog with personality, confidence, a cool vibe and attitude (but no sunglasses) that reflected the brand values of FetchTV. Sixty40 created a visual style and used subtle animation to bring humour and understated sophistication to the short character based spots. The fetchtv dog showcases some of the features of the service including its easy set-up, pause/rewind live TV and YouTube™ on TV application – encapsulated by the tagline “A new breed of entertainment.”

“We aimed to create a character that embodies the FetchTV brand and creates something instantly entertaining for the viewer. The fetchtv dog is human-like, but primarily he is a dog. We used the animal’s typical characteristics and injected a humorous and edgy persona to create a fresh and relevant ambassador for FetchTV that stayed true to its brand,” said Sixty40 Director Matt Taylor.

Each spot reinforces the key unique selling points of fetchtv: its promise to “never have nothing on” is cheekily communicated with a scene showing the dog just out of the shower and inadvertently dropping his towel. Its YouTube capabilities are shown by the dog watching himself eyebrow dancing on YouTube on his TV.

View the TVC here

“We love that these commercials, designed to appear two per ad break or right after partner retail spots, will be quirky, clever and enigmatic. With their great scripts, execution and extremely subtle sound design (meaning that they are almost silent), they’re bound to stand out. We hope to see more of this character as FetchTV grows,” said Sixty40 Director Mark Simpson.

Director: Matt Taylor
Co-Director: Mark Simpson
3D Lead: Nick Paroz
Original Concept: The Works
Audio: NoiseLab
Producer: Nicky Marshall
Character Design: Sixty40

28 November, 2011 (13:21) | Animation, television, tvc

Just got reminded about One of the best Eduganda Panda Eps

9 November, 2011 (07:46) | Animation

Out In The Street : Botsker Award

Our clip for Africa Hitech on Warp: “Out In The Street” has picked up a couple of awards. But the one we’re super proud of is Best Story in the inaugural Robot Film Festival in New York. We’re just received the custom engraved, laser cut trophy / sculpture in the mail. Thanks RFF.

Here’s the clip in case you missed it.

7 November, 2011 (16:19) | Animation

Little Boat: An exercise in awesome

This is a most excellent film about a little boat. By Nelson Boles. A great example of a lovely concept, executed with the most simplicity and restraint as well as the requisite attention to detail to pull it off. The subtle animation of the characters, including the boat and the grade carries the script to it’s best possible result. Super Awesome.

3 November, 2011 (10:30) | Animation

Spike Jonze: Mourir Aupres de Toi

Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi on

This short film has everything we like: beautiful craft, attention to detail, sadness, funniness and sexy times.


21 October, 2011 (08:20) | Animation

60 coolest tv titles, like, ever


If you like titles, you’ll love seeing 60 good ones in a row. From Twin Peaks to True Blood. Thanks Pajiba.

15 October, 2011 (19:41) | Animation

Countdown : Beautiful Film Clip from Céline Desrumaux

Great layouts, epic moments. Space Glitch.

More info on her vimeo page.

19 September, 2011 (10:53) | Animation

Bogan Ipsum : We stand Corrected

Previously, we thought Hipster Ipsum was the way of the future. How wrong we were…  Bogan ipsum will keep us As busy as a freckle piece of piss gutful of bush bash.

15 September, 2011 (19:30) | Animation

Timezone Superstars!

How awesome is this? We’re currently working with people in the following locations: Tokyo, Paris, Cardiff, London, Auckland,  Wollongong,  Sydney.We don’t even look sleepy (yet).

14 September, 2011 (17:17) | Animation

Some of the worst/best animation you’ll ever see

This guy seems to have grasped a fundamental in awesomeness: take an error and make it a feature. But seriously, the internet is eating this shit up. 500k views in 2 days (spread between his youtube and vimeo streams). Silly walks, convincing comping, the future of attracting eyeballs?

4 September, 2011 (21:30) | Animation, character, motion graphics

Vote Early! Vote Often!

Vote for our music video so we can win and high five strangers in tuxedos on stage!

It’d be best if you rated higher, rather than lower obviously.

You need to sign up but it only takes a second. Tell your friends too!

2 September, 2011 (08:54) | Animation

How TV will be in the future

[from boingboing]

27 August, 2011 (07:55) | Animation

lars the last viking launch at China Heights

Here’s a great video of Matt’s comic book launch last week at China Heights.

Shot by our friend, Shahriar Shadab, we raise our horn to thee.

24 August, 2011 (15:55) | character, other, viking

live comic reading at Graphic

Matt and longtime Sixty40 partner-in-crime, Scott Collins, took to the stage at the OZ Comics panel and did a riff heavy live performance of Matt’s new book “Lars the Last Viking Goes to the End of the World”. The panel itself was a legion of Australian comic book heavy hitters: Pat Grant (Blue)Mandy Ord (Sensitive Creatures)Leigh Rigozzi (Blood & Thunder)Oslo Davis (Drawn From Life), Matt Taylor and Matt Huynh (Chinatown Comics). Everyone on the panel took it to the next level and Graphic was once again an awesome celebration of everything that rocks about comics and animation.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Boud

23 August, 2011 (14:52) | Animation

More Important work

YouTube Preview Image

The illusion that Cookie Monster is Tom Waits is created by the desire to reduce cognitive dissonance. Thanks Brains.

19 August, 2011 (09:09) | other

lars the last viking launch at china heights gallery

Sixty40 Press is proud to launch Matt’s new comic book Lars the Last Viking at China Heights Gallery on Thursday 18th August. Pat Grant (author of Blue) will be giving an opening speech and Matt will do a live reading of the book. There will also be all the original pages of the book on display, which  are pretty big and awesome in their own way.

Matt’s also on a panel of Australian Comic book authors at Graphic, at the Opera House that weekend. You can still book tickets to that panel here


11 August, 2011 (11:18) | Animation

“Out In The Street” Wins “Best Story” at Robot Film Festival

Out of 55 films accepted into the inaugural ”Robot Film Festival” in New York our clip for Africa Hitech wins this major accolade. They describe the award thus:

Best Story: Here we rewarded films with entertaining and intriguing storylines, particularly those which explored original memes for Robotics. Set in the streets of South Africa, Out in the Street raises questions about identity and rising intelligence as malfunctioning robots begin committing suicide to avoid the depersonalizing process of repair or replacement, achieving rapture. The realism of the shots cut between television news footage, street documentation and the eye-views of the robots themselves.

It’s lovely that they recognise some of the awesome that’s going on in that clip (although it’s not set in South Africa). For us though, what makes it particularly AMAZING is that it’s probably pretty unique for a Music Video to win anything for best narrative.

Here’s a list of the other winners:

Thanks RFF. See you next year.

26 July, 2011 (04:06) | Animation

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